‘Twas the Night Before Christmas: A Holiday Tradition I Love

The alarm clock wouldn’t even need to go off, but we would have it set anyway.  My little brother and I would curl up in one bed together, willing the dark to disappear as we waited for 7am to roll around.  This was the moment of magic in our house on Christmas morning – it was when we were FINALLY allowed to wake my parents. During the Christmas holidays, my grandmother would visit, so Josh and I shared a room.  For the 2+ hours until we were allowed to pounce on my parents, pulling them from what was surely much-needed sleep – we would play games of ‘find me’ as we flipped the pages of Richard Scarry’s picture books.

The memories I have are many. The traditions, so important.  And now, we celebrate in our home with my small people, pulling pieces of my childhood and mixing them with Jeff’s.  One of my absolute favorites: Twas the Night Before Christmas.  My dad read it to my brother and I every year we lived at home before we fell asleep on Christmas Eve. And now my small people share that same joy with their daddy….

I suppose if I listed ALL of my favorites, that video would be hours.  :) What are your very favorite holiday traditions?