No TV For Kids During the School Week…and Other Family Rules

I don’t consider myself to be a ridiculously strict parent.  And if I have learned anything at this parenting game in the last 8+ years, it is that there are very few ‘rules’ that fit every family and every child.

My job is certainly to Love my small people and to keep them safe, sheltered and fed….but beyond that, I am in constant state of flux, juggling the ‘what works best’ parenting decisions.

Bedtimes?  Food?  Study habits?  Sports?  Playtime?  I’m a work in progress.  What ‘worked’ last week, doesn’t work today.  But do you know what DOES work?  Getting advice and suggestions from the people I trust most in the world: other moms, other dads.

After reading about First Lady, Michelle Obama’s rules for her girls, I was curious about the rules YOU have in place and thought I would share mine.

What have you found to be the most beneficial ‘kid’s rule’ in your home? And do you find that your rules are constantly evolving? Would love to know your thoughts!


  • Elizabeth Anth

    Hi Danielle, we have a few rules that seem to work well for
    our family:

    During the school week my 7 year old daughter, Katie, can watch TV in
    the mornings while eating breakfast, however, there is no TV in the evenings.
    She is also not allowed to have a TV in her bedroom, although supposedly “everybody
    else” does.

    She is a very messy eater, so sweeping the kitchen floor has
    become her job. Amazingly, she’s no longer as messy as she used to be.

    And her bedtime routine has been the same for years… brush
    teeth, drink of water, say “goodnights”, and story time with Mom. I can
    probably count on one hand the number of times that I have NOT been the one to
    put her to bed. It’s quiet one-on-one time that we both need. Lights out at
    8:30pm, but I’ve been flexible with that time on the weekends this past year.

  • MommiFried

    The main rule we have for our 12-year-old is that homework gets done before dinner. We don’t force him to come right home and do it, because we believe he should have an opportunity to unwind, get a snack and just chill out for a bit. It works great – most of the time. :)