Inspired To Act: The BlissDom Connection

Call it a compulsion.

Call it inspiration.

Call it something I simply HAD to do.

I guess the joy of BlissDom is still flowing through my veins.

I had a few conversations in Nashville….and they touched me.  There was something tucked within the words I shared with certain women and I just knew….  I had something more to say.

So I did.

You may have seen Hallmark had a suite at BlissDom.  You could swing by, pick out a card, and pen a message to someone you love or maybe are just getting to know.  Hallmark did the delivering.  The truth is…. I didn’t even get to visit them… but I HEARD about it.  And I LOVED the idea.


So… once home, I mulled over those conversations.  I thought about the people who said something that touched me… I thought about the women who I knew needed to hear a little something more.

And you know what?

They’ve got mail. (soon)

And more people will in the next week.  Because really?  Sending out these cards brought me more joy than I can express.

Reason #217 BlissDom is super-duper fantastic?  It doesn’t simply inspire THOUGHT….it inspires ACTION.

What action have you taken since coming home from Nashville?

Sidenote:  I have absolutely no relationship with Hallmark.  I chose to do this because I was inspired to do so.

  • Asouthernfairytale

    Great Minds.  I have a project just like this going on, inspired by the Get Carded Suite at Blissdom and completely unrelated and totally NOT sponsored by Hallmark.  I love your heart, friend. <3 you 

  • Danielle Smith

    Oh my friend – you make my heart happy.  You are simply good people.   So adore you.  

  • Joey Fortman

    You’re so cute.  I love that you totally put your heart into everything!

  • Danielle Smith

    Thank you, my friend…  was so very good to see you.  Truly.  Need more of you :) 

  • Erin margolin

    Similar feelings here, Danielle….which is why I carded you.

  • Greis Perez

    Getting real life actual hand written mail is the BEST!! I used to be really good at sending cards, I need to start that again…I miss it.

  • Molly Jo

    What a wonderful idea. The written word is so much better than an electronic message. You can’t truly frame a computer screen indefinitely.