I Believe: The Love Of A Child Can Heal Anything

“Are you Ok, Mommy?”….  my small girl has asked me every single day for the past week.

She has reached out to hug me, wrapping her tiny arms around me, pulling my head, not to hers, but to her chest, so that she might pet my hair….a comforting gesture I would like to think she has learned from me.

She has let me cry.  Correction:  She has encouraged me to cry.  She hasn’t run away, wounded, frightened, that something in me is clearly broken at the loss of my friend… but instead, she is concerned, wise beyond her years, I suspect.  She tilts her head in concern, her eyes locked on mine each time she asks, “Mommy, are you sure you are ok?”

We sat in church last Thursday night… Holy Thursday. The first strains of this song played…. followed by the first words, “How Beautiful“…. and the tears came. The song was sung at my wedding…. and the words reminded me instantly of my sweet friend. The grief continues to flow in waves…. leaving me at once secure in the strength of a cried-out soul and next teary-eyes wrapped in the arms of my littlest. My sweet small people didn’t panic…. their little grips on my hands tightened and Cooper reached up to wipe my face, “It’s ok, Mommy….”

At one point in the Mass, they prayed for “the sick, the lonely and the broken-hearted”….  Delaney’s hand squeezed mine once…twice…three times….our sign for “I love you” and she whispered, “Mommy…. they are talking about you”.

My sweet, sweet girl… at only seven, can see that a piece of my heart is broken and yet somehow knows that it is the comfort of her touch and her love that will help me to heal.

I never imagined myself on the receiving end of healing love from my children. I have always pictured myself, cape tucked firmly around my neck, ‘S’ for Supermom painted proudly on my chest swooping in to save their day and wipe their tears.  Little did I know that their presence, their comfort could save me and dry mine.

I believe the love of your children can heal anything.

  • http://www.paperscissorskeyboard.com/ Sherry Carr-Smith

    I believe that too. My oldest is the reason I made it through the death of his father. Even as an infant he comforted me in ways that were intuitive and wise beyond his age. I’m sorry, again, for Gina’s death. And you should be proud that your children are learning such love from you and your husband.

  • Studiojewel

    And they learn from us…from you. Their lives are so very pure, so very raw. Untainted. It is truly beautiful.thank you for sharing my friend. Love you.

  • kisatrtle

    Sadden to learn of the loss of your friend. She sounds like such a wonderful person. I am sure you will feel her loss for a while. Let your little ones comfort you. ((hugs))

  • http://amandamagee.com amandamagee

    Children have so much to offer, I think a lot of the time people miss it. What a treasure to have the ears, eyes and heart to receive it. 

  • http://2dayswoman.com/ Raquel

    You can be proud of your beautiful children. Very sweet, caring and wise beyond their years. I loved reading your story, it touched my heart, thank you for sharing.

  • Jacqueline Cromwell

    I am so sorry for you loss but even within it what a beautiful gift you are receiving and your daughter is receiving. It isn’t a gift to our children (esp our daughters) for them to never see us hurt. You are giving her a chance to use the compassion you have so carefully taught her and you are teaching her how a strong woman receives comfort and handles loss healthily.

  • http://www.thomasvanhoutte.be/ Thomas Vanhoutte

    Sadden to learn of the loss of your friend. She sounds like such a wonderful person. I am sure you will feel her loss for a while. Let your little ones comfort you.All the best..

  • Danielle Smith

    Sherry – I had no idea you had been through such loss.  I feel as though I am just now coming out of a fog – I can only imagine the time it has taken you.  Thank you so much for reaching out to me… and for encouraging me – I’m grateful.

  • Danielle Smith

    So truly, truly grateful for you – for the gift of your friendship and support – thank you.  xoxo 

  • Danielle Smith

    Even two weeks later, as I start to feel ‘normal-ish’ again – my small girl keeps saying, ‘Mommy…..are you ok?’  Thank you for your comfort….

  • Danielle Smith

    What a treasure to have people like you in my life to keep me cognizant of their hearts and joy…. thank you.  xoxo

  • Danielle Smith

    Raquel – thank you for reminding me to see the beauty in all of this and to keep coming back to see it.  I need to keep my eyes and heart open to it.

  • Danielle Smith

    Jacqueline – thank you, not only for this, but for the post you wrote – I’m so grateful.  I so appreciate the reminder of the example I am to my small people – and I hope I am doing them justice.  

  • Danielle Smith

    Thomas – thank you so much for that – Gina truly was extraordinary – and I miss her every day…. but I see her presence everywhere in my house in the photographs she took of my family.  I can’t help but be comforted by them and by my children.  I appreciate your kind words…

  • http://www.modernstylemama.com Nicole Laws

    Danielle, again Im so sorry for your loss.  I want to jump through my laptop and give you a big hug.  You made me eyes well up with tears.  Its such a difficult time.  I know it doesn’t seem like it now but the pain and sorrow with slowly ease with time.  Your sweet daughter’s love, compassion, and concern for you at such a young age is amazing, so touching.  Im certain it is a reflection of her mommy.

  • Danielle Smith

    Oh Nicole – you are absolutely going to make me cry – thank you for that.  I’m praying and hoping that each day will get a little easier – and I am excessively grateful for the love of my children.  And if I have anything to do with their compassion? I count myself so very lucky.  Thank you.