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6 Wines for $15 or Under - ExtraordinaryMommy.comI love wine.  We’ll call it a hobby.

I like wine tasting.  I like taking classes.  I’m fascinated by the history, by the process, the swirling, and even the spitting.  I have vacationed in Napa (I’m heading there again in just a few weeks – more about that soon) and simply can’t get enough of the experience. I can picture myself, someday, traipsing through the South of France, exploring wineries – understanding more of the history, breathing in the grapes, walking, tasting and sipping.

But for now, I settle for tasting when I can, the odd class when I can fit it in and naturally, decorating my home with wine decor.  Fortunately, my husband indulges my taste.  Since I am aware wine can be a pricey hobby – both in entertaining and gift giving, And some cheap wines can taste, well, really cheap… I wanted to give you some of my favorite wonderful, and affordable wine options. And even better…. I know some of you are white wine lovers and some of you lean red – not to worry – I have it all covered.

Here goes:

6 Amazing Red and White Wines for $15 or Under

What are your favorite wines?  I’d love to try a new one!

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