Vote For Chris Mann on NBC’s The Voice Tonight

Chris Mann is one of FOUR finalists on NBC’s The Voice TONIGHT.  I am so excited, I am counting the hours.  Have you heard Chris sing?  Tell me you have. Maybe Ave Maria?  Maybe Bridge Over Troubled Water?  Or a non-Voice one….This song, Beautiful Life, is one of my favorites.  It was used for a Lifetime Movie last year.

It is extraordinary to have watched Chris’ journey since I first met him in 2009 at Blissdom. Look at how sweet he is!

BlissDom 2009 Photo Courtesy of Mishelle Lane @SecretAgentMama

He took the ‘stage’ for us on a small riser in a conference room… and every woman (and a few guys) have been #MannFans ever since.  We have witnessed his evolution – watching as he took turns on Glee and toured with Idina Menzel, and of course, has continued to come back to BlissDom.

But this?  Seeing him embrace his full VOICE on The Voice is exceptional.  And watching the online world on Twitter and Facebook literally LIGHT UP for him when the show comes on makes me giddy.

I chatted with him and interviewed him at Blissdom this year… and this was before the ‘voting’ portion of the show. And I just *may* have promised him that our online community would take care of him if he made it to the Live Shows.  I didn’t lie, did I?

BlissDom 2012 Photo Courtesy of Casey Mullins @MooshInIndy

His voice is magic. And, he is so grateful and humble.  He sat in his hotel room in Los Angeles last night – not singing in preparation for the finals, but making videos to thank friends, fans and COMMUNITIES of people for their support.

Thank YOU, my friends – for being some of the people who have helped to support Chris.  This is his video to YOU.

Let’s do it ONE MORE TIME.  Chris IS THE VOICE.  In this video he says ‘thank you’ and he explains all the ways we can vote tonight – give it a listen.

Chris Mann thanks Danielle & Extraordinary Mommies for Voting on THE VOICE from Chris Mann Music on Vimeo.

Watch The Voice tonight on NBC. And head to iTunes to download Chris’ song after his performance tonight. That is just ONE of the ways you can register your VOTE – here are the other ways!

Here are 5 ways you can VOTE for CHRIS MANN!!  

  1. Vote 10 times on
  2. Call 10 times from your home AND cell phone:  Get the Number from the show
  3. Vote 10 times on The Voice Facebook Page:
  4. Text 10 times from your Sprint phone : Get the Number from the show
  5. Purchase TONIGHT’s performance song 10 times (once for yourself and then gift it 9 times to others on iTunes Click here:

P.S.  Trust me, you WANT to see tonight… I have it on pretty good authority Chris will be singing with Christina Aguilera!


  • Stacy Hamilton

    I was on the fence, but now I know who I’m voting for. Super talented and seems like a terrific guy. That makes a huge difference!!!

  • Danielle Smith

    Oh Stacy…. I SO love that!  He is such good people!!  And now, when you watch (and vote) tonight… you can root extra hard! Thank you!

  • JQB

    What a lucky man to have a fan like you!!! :-)

  • Danielle Smith

    So very kind – thank you.  I’m certainly not alone – Chris is a great guy….  something tells me he will trend online again tonight.  Hope you will watch :)

  • Marta

    I’m a day behind and watching yesterday’s performances now. Loved his duet with Christina. I really hope he won tonight!