Three Little Words


Today was the definition of a juggle.  Not just of my family and workload, but of my mental space… of my heart.  You see that face right there?  Well he sat right next to me all day, snuggled in, sick.  He was wrapped in that blanket, in his PJs…a bundle of coughing sadness.

I can’t get enough of him on a GOOD day… but when he’s sick?  Oh my – it SLAYS me.  I don’t want to do ANYTHING but sit and snuggle him.  But I knew, I KNEW, I still had to get some work done.  And I did.  Some writing, and seven videos.  That’s right – that sweet small dude let me walk away from him long enough to do seven videos.  In seven different locations around my house.  In seven different shirts.  (Note: shirts, not outfits.  Like when I was anchoring on TV – what the audience can’t see, can’t hurt them…. so when you see videos of me now, and you ONLY see the top – well, that’s likely because that is all I WANTED you to see.)

I digress.

Video.  Yes.  I do some that I post here on ExtraordinaryMommy, but you can also find me over on Babble and SheKnows every week.  And one of the topics I was recording today for SheKnows was, “What three words would your kids use to describe you?” (You’ll see the adorable video next week – because you KNOW the small dude joined me).

And it was during this moment – filming this video – that I was reminded anew: that small dude is one special little guy.

We turned the camera on and I asked… “Hey Buddy, if you could pick any three words to describe your Mommy, what would they be?”

His reply?

“I Love You”.

And just like that, I melted.  I wrapped up the video and I spent the rest of the day like this:


Because THIS is what “I love you” looks like to a five year old.  Especially to a sick one.

  • Anonymous


  • Danielle Smith

    Thank you, sweet friend – he is this little angel – I’m so blessed.

  • Cathy | Treatment Talk

    Hi Danielle,

    Just found your site and love everything about it. When I juggled work and being a mom, those days when they were sick really threw me for a loop. I would want to say, “No, you’re really not.” But being a teacher helped, as I had sick days and took them to stay home when my sick kids. Those were special days as I can see in your photo.  How sweet!

  • Molly Jo

    Oh, Danielle! Every time I read your posts I wish my teenager was young again… but she still lets me take care of her when she’s sick. You’re a good Mom; thanks for sharing!