The Tooth Fairy Runs Marathons, Hangs out in Arcades & Lies

Dear Reader,

I came dangerously close to losing whatever Mommy street cred I currently possess.

This may have happened to you.

I hyperventilate just a touch as I write.  Because, quite honestly, I am not ready for the repercussions of my actions. I love that my small people still believe….

You see this face right here?  Or, more accurately, the mouth attached to that sweet little face?  It is now missing it’s 6th tooth.  A friend recently asked if they make dentures for small people.  If they do, this small girl would be a candidate.  Those two top teeth are missing, and now – the 6th tooth( THANKFULLY – the only remaining loose one) and the latest to fall is the bottom left.

It happened on Sunday while we were at the mall.  Sunday night I was up until 2am finishing the last chapter of the book which HAD.TO.GET.DONE.  I stumbled to bed. Exhausted. And relieved.

And, you guessed it…. FORGETTING TO BE THE DAMN TOOTH FAIRY. This is a first.  I had never before forgotten.

The small girl was in my bed on Monday morning.  I actually said, ‘hey, what are you doing here?’ and in my best cartoon-esque impersonation attempted to shove every last syllable backintomymouthimmediately because it hit me as the words came tumbling out that I had failed in an epic way.

“Mommy….  I can’t WAIT to see what the Tooth Fairy left me.”

“Me too, Baby…. but first, you know you have to go to the bathroom…. no, not in your bathroom…use mine!”


I dashed into my closet, grabbed two coins from my Tooth Fairy stash (my old silver bank that houses the Silver Dollars the Tooth Fairy left ME as a child) as quickly I could, and bolted to the small girl’s room.  I tossed her pillow aside, grabbed the Tooth bag, cursed the double knot (can you hear me hyperventilating as I share this?) shook the tooth loose – YOU KNOW I DROPPED THE DASTARDLY THING ON THE FLOOR – snatched it back up – deposited the coins – and quickthrewitallbackinplace….


I was next door in Cooper’s room…. itty-bitty tooth clutch tightly in my left hand when the sweet girl came to me, hand outstretched….

“Mommy…  Look, I got a quarter and….what do you think this is?  I bet Daddy will know….”


I grabbed an ARCADE TOKEN? (who even knows why I had one in my bank….likely a remnant from my childhood)

The stupid thing actually says NO CASH VALUE on the back of it…. If this was, in fact a cartoon, this would be the moment I bang my head up against the closest wall.  Instead, I smile, tell her I’m certain the Tooth Fairy meant for me to trade with her – and we proceeded to drop it in the coin jar before she decided to read it.

Again….  are you kidding me?

I’ve actually sat up at night hand writing responses from the Tooth Fairy.  She has a name.  No kids.  A job.  White wings.  Loves what she does….  and somehow, of all the coins, in all the world?  An arcade token.  Please.

Can’t wait for the small dude to start losing them.

Oh and my favorite….  I relay the story to my husband…. you know they guy who has never donned the white wings?  He says, “why didn’t you just grab another silver dollar?”

As if the Marathon, the Arcade Token and the lying were all part of the plan.


  • Amalia

    I feel your pain and anguish, really. I’ve forgotten more than once and have realized it after my daughter has come into my room upset that the tooth fairy forgot to come by our house! You can imagine how heavy and how fast my heart fell inside my chest. It was quickly fixed and it cost me a few dollars, but the initial feeling of disappointment in my daughter just killed me.
    Thanks for sharing your story, its good to hear I’m not the only tooth fairy who forgot.

  • Cherry

    I know it was painful for you Danielle, but chuckled as I read the story. I like the arcade one – if happens again, you could tell her it’s a trade to take her to one or to a festival. Bet she’d love the time with you that the Tooth Fairy set up.
    You’re a good mom, it’s obvious in many posts, Cherry

  • Kim – Mommycosm

    Oh, dear Lord!  Laughing.  Thank GOD I’m not the only one who has forgotten.  

    You did better than I managed.  I pulled the “Maybe she didn’t find it” or “Maybe she came when you were up last night in the potty and got scared.”  We tried again the next night and *magically* she came.

  • Erin Lane

     I’m impressed you made it to her room. My boss had her daughter come in and tell her the tooth fairy forgot her and she ran in to her room with coin in hand and dug around under the pillow and said “wow, here is your money….I guess the tooth fairy was in such a hurry, she left your tooth!”

  • Kimberly Huber

    awww This is such a cute story, and you will love sharing it when she is older :)

  • One2OneNetwork

     I’ve forgotten before but I just had to fumble an excuse about there must have been too many kids to visit the night before. It wasn’t pretty and I felt awful. Glad you got a funny story out of your experience! :-)


  • Danielle Smith

    Amalia – thank you for making me feel better about this – I know JUST the panic feeling you are talking about.  My heart SANK the second I realized I had forgotten.  I’m so glad you were able to fix it with your daughter!

  • Danielle Smith

    Cherry – I imagine it is hard NOT to laugh – I mean REALLY??  An arcade token?  *sigh* But I love your idea – much more creative than mine – I will keep it in mind, because, let’s be honest, I’ll probbably do it again – and thank you so very much for the kind words – they mean the world to me!

  • Danielle Smith

    Kim~  I love how well you think in panic-mode!  She was scared away when your little one was in the potty?  I WILL use that!  Heaven knows I will forget again…  She had more teeth to lose and the small dude hasn’t even started yet :)

  • Danielle Smith

    Kimberly – thank you so much – I hope I will enjoy telling her – though I will have to wait to get past the small dude too :) 

  • Danielle Smith

    Malia – ahhh yes – this does make me laugh – *a little* – though I was in such a panic – it does make me feel better to know I’m not the only one :) 

  • Danielle Smith

     Oh Erin – I was just picturing that exact thing happening to me – or well – her walking in as I was DROPPING her tooth on the floor…. thank heavens I didn’t – but I will still have plenty of chances to mess it up :) 

  • Catherine

     A great solution from my childhood.   A pillow with a little pocket in it, specific for the tooth fairy.   You could do one for Cooper, and at least you wouldn’t be fighting with a knot!   

    Love the story though…you write very well!

  • Amy

     I loved this post.  It made me feel better about the multiple times I have done the same.  One time, the tooth fairy left a note explaining how sick she had been and left some extra coins after my middle daughter waited 3 days for her to show up (yikes, I just admitted this and yes, I had been in bed for three days).  In our house, my kids have learned that even the magic doesn’t always go as planned.  Thanks for the belly laugh.  

  • Danielle Smith

    A perfect idea – Catherine – thank you so much – heaven knows I DO NOT want to be fighting with a knot ever again!

  • Danielle Smith

    Amy – just your reply made ME feel better.  It it such a relief to know that I am not the only one who has forgotten – but more than that, I am so truly impressed by how resourceful moms are as a group – it seems that we manage to pull it off, even when we are CERTAIN we have failed…..  Thank you! xo

  • Emily

    Oh, that’s a great story. I’m actually so impressed you were able to quickly pull that off as well as you did! :) We have an appointment with the tooth fairy next Wednesday night- my little guy will be getting an injured tooth pulled. Since this is our first visit from the tooth fairy I’ve been reading up to get ideas. (Oh and I’ve also found helpful pre-tooth fairy tips on this Mom’s Guide to caring for little teeth, if you want to check it out.) Thanks for sharing. I think I’m now going to go stock up on coins… and keep them separate from the arcade tokens. That’s totally something I would do. :)

  • My Traveling Troop

    Awww! I bet she thought the Arcade Token was cool. Extra special even! :)

  • Nicole Laws

    Oh my goodness I laughed through your whole post.   That’s a mommy moment to remember.  The funny part is my son would have probably loved the arcade token! You are not alone.  My husband and I completely forgot once and we scrambled to figure something out.  We ended up pretending the tooth fairy played a hide and seek came with him.  I just found your blog and love it already!

  • Matt