The Magic of BELIEF: Thank You Elf on The Shelf

I would be hard pressed to tell you my ONE favorite things about this time of year as the holidays in general are such a magical time, but I have to confess, it isn’t merely the decorations (so lovely!), or the gift-giving (oh my heart, what fun!), or the FOOD (my tummy is delighted), but it is the SPIRIT.

It is seems to be in people’s nature to be more generous.  I can’t get enough of the heart-warming stories.

And the BELIEF… the MAGIC that pervades my home…. I often find myself staring with mouth agape that I am lucky enough to be surrounded by such pure heart.  My small people have never questioned Santa.  In our home, as Catholics, Christmas also has a deeply religious aspect – and they embrace this beautifully as well….taking good care of our Nativity Set and understanding that they get three presents from Mommy and Daddy on Christmas morning just as Jesus did.

But the ‘other’ Magic factor is our Elf, Freddie.

The past two years, I dutifully moved Freddie nightly (who am I kidding?  I often scrambled at 4:30am jolting from bed as I realized I had forgotten)…barely beating my small people as they jumped from their own beds on a hunt to see where our elf had moved after his nightly visit with Santa.

But something about this year is special.  Is it possible they actually believe more deeply than before?  They embrace the little guy (with heart) every day.  I overhear hushed conversations, I know the elves are a topic of conversation at school each day – from ‘how old is yours?’ to ‘who does he/she spend time with when they AREN’T in our homes?’.

It could also be that I know it won’t last forever.  So, as much as the last minute moves of the Elf sometimes cause me stress, as much as I’ve struggled with how to answer some of the questions, as much as that little guy is taking up FAR more of my holiday time than last year, I appreciate that his special version of magic is fleeting, the sparkle he puts in their eyes, the bounce in their steps… it is but mine to borrow for a time.

So, for now, Freddie… you and I have a nightly date and I look forward to it.