The Best Kind of Announcement: We’ve Grown and It is Extraordinary

Shortly after we relaunched back in January, a moment that felt akin to giving birth to a business-baby ( I was proud, overwhelmed, losing sleep and staring at it constantly), I announced that we were ready to take a huge step: we were going to hire Contributing Writers.

If I’m honest, I was hoping, fingers and toes crossed, for 75-80 applications. What I received instead floored me – more than 480 amazing, extraordinary people shared their voices with me. I visited every single site. I read what everyone loved and shared and was beyond grateful for the gift that so many of you offered.

The more I read, the more people I wanted to add to the site, but it would be impossible to for to hire as many as I loved.

Please know how much this process has meant to me and how much I hope to work with so many more of you in the future.

And, please let me share with you the truly extraordinary women I am PROUD to have contributing here on ExtraordinaryMommy.


I could go on and on and on about the amazing they are bringing with them – their expertise in the categories of style, food, travel, family and home…..not to mention how I love their hearts and their writing gifts, but I will instead leave you to explore their sites and visit them here as they sparkle. You will begin to see their writing this month, March.

Alexis Croft

Alexis Croft – Joyful Momma’s Kitchen

Lauren Dix

Lauren Dix – Fizz and Frosting


Jessica McFadden – A Parent in America


Kasey Schwartz – All Things Mamma


Natalia Simmons – Ma Nouvelle Mode


Kelli Stuart – Kelli Stuart

Join me, will you, in welcoming them to the site? And watch for the amazing they will be creating. I’m so very excited they are here.

  • Wendy Brunner

    Hey, that’s Kelli from Minivan’s Are Hot! So excited to see her here!

  • AmyVernon

    Congrats, all!

  • Danielle Smith

    Thank you so very much, Amy – I’m beyond thrilled :)

  • Danielle Smith

    It sure is, Wendy – I’ve known and loved her for years – so thrilled to have her here :)

  • theshoppingmama

    So excited for you. I love Kasey and am excited to see get to know the others.

  • DomesticLifeStylist®

    What an awesome team. I can’t wait to read your contributions ladies. Great team Danielle. ~Lisa

  • Sonia Khan

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