Talk Live – Highlighting Vloggers

Thank you so much to everyone who sent me links – I wanted to include all of you and highlight the things you are all doing very well!  Visit each other and encourage!

My favorite thing about Jendi?  How willing she is to explore vlogging and be creative.  In this video, she uses a green screen and an ‘intro’ to her segment.  Her lighting is great…..and so are her tips on tagging your videos.

Krystel shot her video in a well lit area of her home, is very conversational, incorporates music and keeps the video short and to the point. I would love to see more of her looking directly in to the camera :)

As a veteran TV gal, it is easy to see that LizzieB is comfortable on camera.  She has no problem chatting with us like we are sitting in her living room.  She also is showing ‘the real Lizzie’ – unafraid to share her thoughts even though she isn’t full hair/makeup ready.

Alexes is completely natural in her video.  Even though she shot her video in a closed room, she made sure the lighting was appropriate and she wore a microphone to make sure we could hear her. (she also does a little dancing in her video!:) I would love to see the shot a little closer on Alexes with a touch less room at the top :)

This is Anjanette’s first ever vlog.  So great!  I love when people take the plunge into vlogging :)  She is honest, chats with us like we are friends and made sure she was in a well lit room.   She is ‘sharing her joy’….and I suspect, will continue to be more comfortable as she goes.  I believe she shot on a webcam – which accounts for the ‘softening’ of the picture.

QuatroMama is just too darn cute in this video with her husband.  The camera angle is great – you can see them well and feel as though they are talking right to you.

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