A Message Of Hope To A Shy Girl

Sometimes it is kindness from a stranger that can make all the difference in the world.  And it is JUST this message that I try, with my whole heart, to teach my small people every single day.

I suppose, because this is such an important message for me – it is extraordinary to see it in action.

My small girl can sing. She has a beautiful, clear voice….a talent I have never possessed.  Listening to her can bring me to tears.  I know, I know….. I’m her mom, so naturally, I’m biased, but it is a talent I would love to nurture.  But she is SHY.  And not just a touch, but truly terrified of singing in front of anyone.  So much so, that she will stop what she is doing mid-sentence if you catch her in the act.


In April, at the Academy of Country Music Awards, I had the chance to sit down with Coy Bowles of The Zac Brown Band. While we were chatting about his children’s book Amy Giggles and his invovlement with Child Hunger Ends Here, I shared Delaney’s love of his music and just how shy she is about her voice.  So he autographed his book to her.

And I melted.


I asked Coy where he learned to be so kind and giving.  His answer?  Zac Brown.

I wish I could have bottled Delaney’s reaction when she saw Coy’s message to her.  This is something she won’t forget. I will always be grateful to him for reinforcing not only her love of music, but her faith in herself.  It is a message Coy shares beautifully in Amy Giggles.

My small girl keeps that book tucked next to her bed.  I won’t be surprised if she takes it with her to college. And whether she decides to pursue singing or not, I will know Coy played a part in teaching Delaney the power of kindness and that it is ok to be yourself.

If you would like to make a difference in the life of a child, know that you can through the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign.  One in five children in the United States is hungry. But you can help. The added bonus is music for you: the song Here’s Hope was written by Hunter Hayes and performed by three different artists in order to fight child hunger.

If you would like a copy of the song, purchase a participating Con Agra Foods Brand, head to Child Hunger Ends Here, enter the code you see on the back and you can download one of three versions for free: Jewel, Owl City or Jay Sean’s.  When you do this, the equivalent of one meal will be donated to Child Hunger.

 Disclosure: I am proud, for the fourth time, to have partnered with Con Agra Foods for the Child Hunger Ends Here Program. All opinions (and experiences) are mine and mine alone.

ACM Bound

So, here I go.

On my way to Las Vegas.  Set for the Red Carpet at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Despite my endless flights of panic this week, the fears that things might not fall into place (including the last minute stress of an en route dress that I was certain would never arrive – but did) I am taking one breath at a time and attempting to absorb this experience.

I will confess….wrapped tightly within my uber-excitement is a ball of nervous energy.  This feels like a marathan I have been training for.  Except I’ve been training my entire adult life and someone finally said, ‘Run!’.

So, here I go.  Running.  And I’m thrilled beyond anything I can express.  And determined to make every portion of this experience count.

My flight left before 6 am this morning and my day promises to continue for the better part of the next 20 hours. I have a full schedule even before my 9am hair and make up appointment tomorrow morning.  Which, incidentally, was the LAST appointment available and is about 5 hours before my silver-clad tootsies step on to that Red Carpet.

What does today include?  OH MY HEAVENS….TODAY!

I trust you know WHY I’m going to the Academy of Country Music Awards, yes?  I first talked about it here.  But as a quick refresher: during the ACM’s, there is a beautiful charitable segment called the Lifting Lives Moment where a special cause is highlighted.  This year, Child Hunger Ends Here, an effort championed by Con Agra Foods, is the focus.  A song co-written by 20 year old ACM New Artist of the Year Nominee, Hunter Hayes, will be performed by Little Big Town.

The song is called ‘Here’s Hope’.  It is gorgeous.  You can hear it on the Child Hunger Ends Here site.

When I arrive in Las Vegas, I will be attending Little Big Town’s rehearsal for their ACM performance of ‘Here’s Hope’.


And then?

I will be sitting down with Hunter Hayes to chat with him about the thrill of being nominated as ACM New Artist of the Year, and well, a few dozen other questions.  I kid.  Sort of.

Also?  If you attended Blissdom, you may have received one of these books, Amy Giggles, written by Coy Bowles of the Zac Brown Band.  I’m ALSO going to be sitting down with Coy this afternoon to talk to him about his book and his charitable efforts with kids.

The book is delightful.

I can’t wait to share all of the video with you.


I *should* be tired thinking about it.

But, I’m not.  I’m still pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.