Vegetables Your Kids Will Eat

Full Disclosure:  I hate vegetables.  Or, well, I usually hate vegetables.  I eat them because they are good for me and because I know it is my responsibility to be an example for my small people…. but by no means would I have ever told you that I enjoyed eating my vegetables.  Until now.  

This is a recipe I can get behind.  It is easy.  It is delicious. And even more amazing?  I’m actually consuming a vegetable I have sworn to hate: mushrooms.

How is this happening you ask?  I have the good chefs at the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City to thank.

A few weeks ago…. while eating dinner in their main restaurant on site: The Camp Critter Bar & Grille, my husband fell in love with the vegetables the served as a side dish.  So in love, he asked how they prepared them.  (Yes, I took this as a hint.)


The beauty of the preparation is in its simplicity.  Fresh Mushrooms.  Fresh onion.  Fresh garlic.  All sauteed gently in butter. Lightly salted and peppered.  When all are cooking nicely together… add frozen green beans. YES. Frozen green beans.  Continue to saute until all are soft and reading for the taking.


(I’m telling you…. I even ate the MUSHROOMS and so did my small people… though they prefer the green beans!)  And that picture above?  That’s me acting like a professional at home.  My brother would be proud, I tell you. 

Any simple veggie recipes you want to share?