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You might be one of the thousands of parents volunteering at your child’s school.  And of those thousands – you might be one of the many frustrated, overworked parents searching for a way to balance something they think is extremely important with a need for balance in their own lives….

I chatted with VolunteerSpot Founder, Karen Bantuveris to get her thoughts and suggestions….

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Make a Difference Monday

I will be talking about my goals/resolutions/plans for 2010 in a post later this week…..I’m still wrapping my head around it all, and the truth is, I always plan for the ‘new stuff’ to take full effect on my birthday later this month.  So, I have a little time.  I figure my resolutions should coincide with my new year. Makes sense, right?

However, there is one thing I want to share with you now.

Make a Difference Monday.

You know I have a passion for ‘give good, get good‘ – meaning pay it forward, give a little, make a change, make a difference.  I’m not talking about big donations or dedicating hours of volunteer time – though both are fantastic if you can swing it.  I’m thinking about all the small ways you can make the world a better place – all the ways you can be the example of good for your kids.

If there is anything I am learning as a parent – especially as the small people continue to grow AND get smarter (who knew?) – it is that I have to do as I say.  So, giving lip service to ‘being a good person’ doesn’t actually work as a guide for them, if I am not, in fact showing them how to do it.

I can always use a little inspiration, as I am sure you can – so will you join me?  Will you try to do one thing each week – big, little, great, small…that puts a smile on someone else’s face? And then will you share it?

Tell us how your 4 year old tried to hold the door open for a new mom with a stroller, or how you paid for the car behind you in the Starbucks Drive thru.  Share about your favorite charity – and link to them, so we can be inspired by a new cause. Tell someone else’s story – you witnessed children filing into a nursing home to sing for the residents, or saw a teenager stop what he was doing to help an elderly woman who had spilled her purse.

Do you know of a product we buy that may donate to a certain charity?  Or a company that dedicates proceeds to a cause close to their heart?  Share it.

Don’t you think….if we can share the good, it will spread?  Well, that’s what I hope.

I’ll have a post and a McLinky set up every Monday  – so you can link back to a post you have written – or you can put your thoughts in the comments.

This is the beauty of Make a Difference Monday.

Looking forward to sharing a little, ‘give good, get good’……