The Machine

With all due respect to the great Albert Pujols, my wife, Danielle Smith is “The Machine.”

ESPN has a “promo” where “the greatest baseball player on the planet” is portrayed as a machine due to his consistent high level of success, constantly getting the job done without failure.  Albert has nothing on my wife.

Let me take you thru a typical day in the life of Danielle “La Maquina” Smith.

6am – Alarm goes off…Time to get kids ready for school…she’s not a morning person, so don’t talk to her, but you’ll see why she’s not a morning person in just a few short paragraphs.  I do talk to her; it’s amusing to watch her not respond to me (wait a minute, that happens regardless of time of day).  PS…She’s the most beautiful woman on the planet when she first wakes up.  That is not a joke.  I truly believe that.  I’m fortunate that my wife is one of those women that are naturally stunning (no makeup needed).  Yes, I’m lucky.  So is she, I’m quite a catch in the A.M.  I have fantastic morning hair.  Imagine the hair of the offspring of a Peacock and a Rooster.  That’s me (Random thought: I’m into roosters by the way, more to come on them later).

7am – Prepare kids’ breakfast, feed dog, listen to husband’s funny jokes (Me being a morning person is wonderful for our marriage), converse with neighbor’s kids who carpool with our little ones, and complete approximately 20 Tweets, Email replies, and FB updates all while still laughing at husband’s jokes.  I love the morning J And, dang, my best material hits me as the Rooster crows.  PS…We don’t have a rooster, but I’d love to have one some day.  Note:  Put that on my Christmas List.

725 am – Take kids to school while belting out “Raise Your Glass” by Pink.  That’s the Truth.  If you know her or will see her soon, ask her to sing it for you, Very Entertaining.

830am-1115am – Depending on the day, it’s one of the following…Either,

  1. Perform on Camera for a local Marketing company on the most recent Commercial Spot
  2. Meet with Owner(s) of a St Louis based PR firm, Elasticity.  Now, those guys are funny.  I wonder if they tell her jokes in the morning meetings.  I wonder if she laughs.  Huh, this is all running through my head right now.  If she laughs at their jokes and not mine, oh, I’m going to be so … Okay, so anyway
  3. Write and Write and Write … Blog Posts, Tweet Replies, emails, IMs, DMs, FBs, ETC.  I don’t know what ETC means, but it seems like it ends all lists.
  4. Room Mother at both Delaney and Cooper’s School.  There is 1 Room Mother representative for both kid’s schools and guess who it is?  Yep, THE MACHINE
  5. Speak to local groups, High Schools, any and all community organizations, local DECA chapters, woman’s groups, ETC (there’s that acronym again).  My wife will talk to anyone (as long as it’s after 8am).  She’s more giving of her time than Mr. Swatch (that was punny).  Danielle is always willing to help out in anyway she can.  See her website motto of “Give good, get good.”  She gives of her time over and over and over again, and she “gets” to be married to me.  Good deal for her and for those she gives to…

1145 am – Pick up Cooper from School

1215-330pm – Be a Mommy to Cooper.  See, Coop is a very energetic, sports fanatic who’s smarter than the average bear.  He says to me the other day, “Dad, I don’t like to take naps because I’m afraid I’ll miss something.”  That’s Cooper.  He’s 4, and he’s all hers for 4hours a day Monday thru Friday.  Whew, I’m tired just thinking about them playing baseball and football and soccer and basketball and wrestling and hockey and…I’ve asked her to play sports with him, so that he can continue to sharpen his hand-eye coordination and get continue to fine tune his muscle memory.  I’m sure she does this for me, ahem, I mean … for him.

330pm – Delaney arrives home from school

400pm – 500pm – Help Delaney with her school work and prepare a wonderful feast for all of us (I clean, so I do my part.  I’ll do a post on “Marriage:  It’s the ultimate team game” some other time, but this post is all about THE MACHINE)

500-502pm – She eats.  Like a bird.  That’s good for me, because I clean up the leftovers.  I’m a raccoon.

600-730pm – It’s Family Time.  We read books, play hide-n-go seek, go to soccer or softball practice (depending on the time of year), dance around the kitchen to some random “GLEE” version of a current hit.  Long Live the Warblers!!!  It’s this 90 minutes of the day which is the best for me.  I love it.  Plus, I can do the worm, so the dancing thing is a blast.

730pm-800pm – Bath Time, Prayers and Bed Time

Now, the fun starts for The Machine.

815pm-2am (many times as late as 3am) – This is when THE MACHINE is at her best.  See, Danielle is nocturnal.  She does her best writing, video editing, producing, and creative thinking at night. I, with one hand on the remote and one hand on my … wife’s leg, crash just after “Seinfeld.” (1030 pm local time).  That show is still funny. She continues to type, as I start to dream about…farm animals.

I do NOT know how she writes as wonderfully as she does at 2 o’clock in the morning.  Her writing is organized, well though out, has a purpose, inspirational and is easy to read.  And, she does all of this as the raccoon returns to his home while the rooster assumes the position.

Press “Start” to make a copy and see The Machine do it all again tomorrow.

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