How to get a Ketchup stain out of clothes

Laundry stains are the bane of my existence…..  I’m constantly banging my head against the laundry room wall – aghast at my inability to just GetTheStainOutAlready…..

So, when Wisk called and asked if I wanted to do a few experiments?  And if I wanted to include my kids? I said a vehement YES.  (Why YES, I would LOVE to teach the Small People the work that goes into cleaning up their messes!)

Take a look:

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Video and Vlogging Tips – Getting Started (Using What You Know)

In order to GET STARTED with vlogging….  you just need to take a look around you.  What do you already do? What do you already know?

More Vlogging Tips (most about 1 minute long!)

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