Tell Me Something Good….

When you see the words, “Tell me something good….” does this song start to play in your head?  Because it plays in mine EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I. ASK. YOU. for your good news…

And you probably know by now that I ask every day on Twitter….and I’ve been getting such amazing responses on Facebook, I’ve started to ask there more often as well.

From the start of Football season to 1/2 days at work, from baby’s first birthdays to gratitude for health and family, from speaking gigs to sitting on the beach… YOUR news brings me joy.  So, I would love some more of it.  I explain in full in the video and even share a little of my own.

Do it here on the blog, on Facebook, comment on YouTube, but share somewhere.  Consider this a ‘brag-FULL’ zone. Share the big, the little, the in-between – anything that is bringing you an OUNCE of joy!!

Oh…. and come back next Wednesday – we’ll be doing this again.

The Social Good of Social Media

Half full.  That’s how I see my glass.  That’s how I CHOOSE to see my glass.

So, every day…. I use the tools available to me to insure I am seeing something good in my world.  And you know what makes me feel as though things are right in the world?  Seeing something good in yours.

I know…. I know….  I’m one of those cheery – TELL-ME-YOUR-GOOD-NEWS-PEOPLE on Twitter and Facebook.  And, honestly, I’ve seen people tweet general complaints about people like me:

“Don’t those cheery-nothing-is-ever-wrong-in-their-world-people just make you sick?”

27 comments later people are still yelling YES!!!!! and are STILL congratulating themselves on being ‘real’ and not being sucked into the vortex of the fake and happy.

Here’s the thing….  the REAL me IS happy.  The REAL me IS cheery and glass is half full. The REAL me does want to know what is making you happy.

It doesn’t mean I don’t ever have a bad day.  It does mean, I think LONG AND HARD before I share negative. More often than not, I CHOOSE to share positive.  I CHOOSE to ASK for positive.

Because really?  Surrounding myself by happy and positive makes me that much more so.

Let me illustrate.

Today, as I do every day, I tweeted this:

But WHY do I do this?

Tweeting for Good News is Using Social Media for Social Good

1)  This is an EXCUSE TO BRAG. Asking for good news gives wonderful people an opportunity to share something that is truly making them happy – and honestly – they might not share it if not asked.

2) I always ReTweet the good news – Joy is meant to be shared.

3) People share the outrageous and amazing – book deals, astronomical business growth, marathons, successful weight loss, pregnancies and engagements, and the everyday-this-is-really-making me happy: the first snow fall, a healthy child, a chance to sleep in or a favorite meal.

3) What an amazing way to engage – when people share – I LEARN something about them and we often end up chatting long after that first tweet

4) I am selfish.  The good news tweets?  They make ME smile.  So MY day?  Is off to a MUCH better start.

Just look:

After seeing these tweets this morning – and chatting with each of these people, I found myself smiling.

And there it was – I asked for the good news and they gave it.

I shared it.

We BOTH smiled.

And, I PROMISE, someone else who READ IT, smiled too.

Just one of the many reasons I love this space – for the good.

Talk to me in 140 Characters

This post will be brought to you in true twitter fashion – 140 characters or less.

The #140conf in LA is at the Kodak Theater.  It is 17 different shades of amazing to be in the building where the Academy Awards are held.

When the theater was empty I moved from seat to seat putting my bottom in the spots occupied by movie greats.  Think Jack Nicholson minds?

There are 140 ‘characters’ speaking at the #140conf in 2 days….many for only 5-10 minutes – and if you go long?  Music kicks you off stage.

Easily one of the most intelligent, well spoken women in the universe – @ariannahuff.  Fascinating to listen to her at #140conf

I’m in a special kind of heaven doing interviews ALL DAY for @devriespr. We want u to feel like u’re here. Check it out

Is it wrong to be filled with child-like giddiness at the prospect of more interviews tomorrow at #140conf? Want to be on camera? Find me.

I’ll be the girl with the microphone….well, one of them.  I’m the tallish, long-haired one at the @devriespr Buzz Lounge.

How do you use twitter?  How should individuals, brands & PR companies be involved? Have you seen something amazing happen via social media?

That’s it for now – I’ll be back with more updates tomorrow.  Find me and all the latest updates on

I #blamedrewscancer for the lights going out. I’m amazed @ the power of @ohdoctah ‘s voice. I ate THE best cupcakes in @devriespr Buzz Lounge

I am living one of my dreams.  I thank social media and @devriespr for making this #140conf-event-video-update process happen.

Dear Social Media: Your Take on Our Stolen Photo

Friend – you are a crap shoot.

You are a giver and a taker.

You have put me back in touch with friends from days gone by(thanks Facebook!), but you have also opened the doors to less savory (though flattering) events.

I never expected to see and hear from some of those High School folks again – but I am loving the reconnection. Wait….you’re a mom?  A dad?  And you have kids the age WE WERE when I last saw you?  Crazy.

And the college crew – how mind-blowing to watch them come out of the woodwork with husbands, wives and kids.

To say nothing of my new circle of social media gurus – men and women, mommy bloggers, women entrepreneurs, and work at home gals – all new friends.

TwitterNingStumbleUpon.  I Digg you all.

And then of course, there are our new friends in the Czech Republic. You see, since my family was unwittingly made the poster-children for a local grocery store – I’ve been getting visits from all over the world.

And, hey, new visitors – thanks for stopping by….I know you came to see this:


the  ‘wow-did-that-really-happen-story”, but I like making new friends – feel free to come by again.

You can also see a few other versions of the story by clicking here, or here and here if you speak other languages.

Twitter brings out the Sun

I don’t claim to know why everyone uses Twitter, but I can certainly suggest (beyond SEO, traffic or promotion of any kind) why you should.

For inspiration. To feel connected.  For advice.

This morning, I awoke to another cloudy, rainy day.  Desperate to avoid another Monday (or, as it turns out, my early Tuesday), I jumped on Twitter and said,

“Anyone have any sunshine to share?”

Wouldn’t you know – there were A LOT of people willing to spread a little sunshine. (and a few who wished they could but didn’t have any to spare.)

@luannarodham decided to make me laugh (and she did!)She wrote: @ExtraordMommy Here’s something funny. My 7yr. boy says that he can tell girl dogs from boy dogs because girl dogs have eye brows.

@GaneshiX offered : @ExtraordMommy This fresh cup of coffee is awfully sunshiny to me! 😀

@4thQtrCoach flattered: @ExtraordMommy Here’s some sunshine. Our friend @DixieDynamite says YOU are a great #stl connector!

and my new friend @NTFFC  (No Time For Flash Cards) sent the sun right over: @ExtraordMommy Here is some sun for you !

cimg7428As soon as I went to her site, I decided a good copy-cat project was in order and Delaney couldn’t wait to get started.

All I needed was a paper plate, some glue, construction paper and scissors. Thank heavens I had it all.

Voila!  Instant Sunshine!


I was so excited we had this sunshiney Mommy-Daughter time, I started singing the song on NoTimeForFlashCards’ site.  And Delaney couldn’t help but be drawn in.

Friends – use Twitter for anything!  Ask for computer advice, request jokes, tell a story, MAKE FRIENDS.

I am. And I LOVE it.