Anheuser Busch Family Talk About Drinking Roundtable Highlights

It may be a conversation you have yet to broach with your children – underage drinking.

But starting to chat with them when they are young is ideal. By young, I mean preschool.  And by ‘chat’, I don’t mean lecture in a stern voice.

I recently hosted a live virtual roundtable for Anheuser Busch on their Family Talk About Drinking Facebook page. I chatted with two experts, MJ Corcoran, a certified parent coach who helped to revamp the program and Kathy Casso, the VP of Corporate Social Responsibility at Anheuser Busch. The Family Talk program is a guide to help you begin the conversation about underage drinking with your children when they are young, stick with it when they are in middle school and continue it into high school and college. The program lasted 40 minutes –  but these are the highlights.

I’m so proud of this project… I hope you take the time to watch.

Tell me – what do you think?