Seize the Day with Jockey Skimmies® – Embrace Comfort AND Style

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Jockey

I was trailing about two feet behind her as we traipsed across the grass heading for yet another soccer game. It was hot, the type of heat that sits – thick and heavy, the sun blinding in its brilliance. And I loved everything about it. This is MY kind of weather. I live for the warmth of Spring and Summer.

And then I saw it – her wheels turning as she looked around and then shook her head in disbelief. My nine year old daughter burst out with her fashion assessment, “Who in the WORLD wears a skirt or a dress to A SOCCER GAME?”

I glanced down and slowly, I raised my hand, “Hey Punky, yoo-hoo…. that would be me.”

I have a habit of dressing for both comfort AND fashion. More often than not, you will find me in a skirt or a dress at all of my kid’s games – soccer, baseball, softball, basketball. I LIKE skirts and dresses. They make me feel fresh and happy. My small girl, on the other hand, prefers basketball shorts, high socks and tennis shoes.

As you can imagine, she was appropriately dismayed to realize her MOTHER was of the offending-skirt-dress-wearing-to-a-sporting-event type.

Do I run the risk of a wind gust blowing my dress up? Or my skirt sliding as I sit in the stands? Sure. But I have that covered.  How, you ask? Jockey’s Skimmies ®.

JockeysSkimmies under dresses

Here’s what I love about Skimmies®

They are designed for comfort – meaning, I am comfortable in whatever I wear – no worries about twirling, dancing or sitting in my role as a professional fan at my kids games.


They are soft – they feel like a slip, but cover me as though I’m wearing shorts.

They can be worn to ‘skim’ over any problem areas and make pants, tighter dresses or skirts fit beautifully.

They come in different colors to easily match (or hide) underneath whatever you choose to wear.


Have you tried them? You should.

For the next few weeks, on Jockey’s Fackebook page – they are challenging women like you and me to ‘Seize the day’.… knowing that we often have only one or two outfits we always grab (they are easy, comfortable-ish, but signal being stuck in a rut), knowing that we sometimes worry about how a dress, pants or skirt ‘fits’ us, and knowing that we often pick comfort over fashion – the idea is to step outside that comfort zone and wear what makes you feel FABULOUS.
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Since I DO worry about my dresses and skirts clinging AND I know that modesty is often a need, especially when playing and jumping with my kids – or, as I mentioned, heading to their games….this challenge above is the one I embraced. Note: my jump for joy without fear of exposing anything you don’t need to see.


When you enter the Seize the Day daily challenge, you are entered to win $5000 towards the adventure of a lifetime, a style consultation with Rachel Zoe, or a $1000 shopping spree (among other amazing prizes).

Additionally, because I love you (and I’m loving these Jockey Skimmies®) I would love for you to have the chance to win a pair of your own. From now until June 9th, enter to win a pair of Jockey Skimmies®. From this giveaway 240 winners will be chosen. Comment below telling me what fashion or comfort challenge you believe the Skimmies® would solve for you.

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If only I could show you my daughter’s face when she realized that I was, in fact, well within my fashion and comfort rights to wear a dress to her games. Priceless.

Good luck entering the Seize the Day Challange and the giveway above.

Don’t forget to share your challenges with me!

Disclosure: This post is written in partnership with Jockey. As always, all thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone.

5 Easy Ways to Wear Spring Trends Now!

Are you ready to leave the cold behind and embrace Spring weather and style? Considering the “polar vortex” phenomenon many of us experienced this year, I’m going to assume that was a resounding “YES”! However if your weather is not quite cooperating yet, there are still easy ways to add some Spring to your wardrobe now, while still staying warm!

1. Go light!  (In color, NOT your layers!)wear mint in winter

Pastels are a great way to infuse a little Spring in your Winter wardrobe. Why not layer up with a pastel sweater and accessories? Or you can try throwing on a leather jacket over a Spring blouse! Pale pinks, purples and mints are great color choices to get you in the Spring frame of mind.

2. Add a little bright to your beauty routine!how to refresh your beauty routine for spring

It’s amazing how much freshening up your beauty routine can change your whole look. Switching to a punchy blush can give you an extra glow, and a bright pink lip will brighten your smile. My favorites? Nars in Orgasm and CoverGirl’s Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in Ruby Twist (both featured above).

3. Go floral!black and white striped teeNow don’t worry. I’m hardly suggesting you break out your sundresses just yet, but a little floral print can go a long way. My go-to is a pink printed scarf that keeps me warm while adding a healthy dose of Spring to any look. Not into scarves? Try a floral necklace or printed flats!

4. Embrace white.max studio wrap silk blouse, paige laurel canyon

Do you pack away your whites for Winter? Break them back out! White, even paired with Winter-y neutrals, adds a Springlike freshness!

5. Think nautical. nautical inspired lookNothing like a little nautical inspiration to get you in the warm weather mindset, right? Grab your favorite striped tee and pair it with white, red or anchor-themed accessories! (And yes, that peacoat counts!)

Do you have a favorite Spring theme at the ready? We’d love to hear it!

EXM Lauren Dix BIo

5 New Spring Fashion Trends – Keeping Style in Your Life

Spring Fashion Trends 2013I don’t know about you, but I am actually counting down the days until Spring officially starts – 16 – in case you are wondering. In the middle of the country where I live, we’ve seen more snow and lower temperatures than we have in quite some time, and I’m desperate to start seeing buds on trees, tulips popping from the ground and temperatures that hover somewhere about 65 degrees.

If I’m honest, I don’t think the temperature should ever drop below 75, but clearly, I have to work through that…

The good news is, Spring really is around the corner. Soon, we’ll be putting away the boots and whipping out our warmer clothes.  For this weeks Keeping Style in Your Life, I have a collection of new Spring styles to share with you for this year – and some of the best news?  For some of them – you don’t have to head to purchase a whole new wardrobe, you can shop your very own closet.

Take a look.

What are your favorite styles for Spring?

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This video was shot and edited by my good friends at Pounds Media. 

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Hair Tutorial: Create Quick, Easy Beach Waves: Keeping Style in Your Life

Quick Easy Beach Waves Hair TutorialAs I begin my final week in my 30′s, I am fully embracing the fact that style matters to me.  Even more than that, MY STYLE matters to me.  It isn’t as though I had lost all sense of style…. I haven’t forgotten how to get dressed or do my hair, how to organize my home, or take care of my health. I’ve simply decided to re-embrace the effort I used to make.

I’m enjoying my life.  I’m Keeping Style in My Life and in doing so, hopefully introducing you to a few ways to do the very same in yours.  Last week I took you inside my closet for 10 Ways to Tie a Scarf.

Today, together, we are tackling a hairstyle I love.  Beach waves.  Yes, I know it isn’t Summer.  Trust me. I know it isn’t Summer.  But that doesn’t mean your hair can’t embrace a soft wave – and one that lasts.

I love it because it is easy.  (If I can do it, you can do it)

I love it because it is quick. (Less than 10 minutes and I have long hair and a lot of it!)

Here we go!

A Hair Tutorial: Create Quick, Easy Beach Waves in Minutes:

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Keeping Style In Your Life: 10 Ways to Tie A Scarf

Keeping style in your life means many things to many people.  For me it means recognizing the ‘me’ beyond the myriad roles I have every day – mom, wife, business owner, friend.  It means embracing the facets of ‘me’ that spice up my day, that keep me feeling energized, happy and in control of my life.  It isn’t just about fashion – it is health and fitness, peace of mind, organized living and a million other things.

This weekly series, Keeping Style in Your Life will tackle it all.  This is just the beginning.  Today, I wanted to start with fashion.  January is the HEART of Winter in the Midwest… it is the longest month of the year for me.  My California blood longs for the warmth, the sun, for flip flops and tank tops… but I MUST make do.  So, I embrace the ‘winter’ fashions that keep me feeling sassy: boots and scarves.

In this very first video:

10 Ways to Tie a Scarf

Thank you, as always, for watching.  I’m thrilled you are joining me on this journey.  The series will post every Monday morning…  Let me know what you think.

This video was shot and edited by my good friends at Pounds Media. 

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Spring Clean your Wardrobe with Tide & Tim Gunn

Friends….  it is that time of year – you are banishing the dust bunnies and washing the floor boards (or SOME of you are)  The rest of you are like me.  You are THINKING about it.  And you are jealous of the people who have the motivation to do it.

I say start with your closet.

And, I’m here to offer you a little Spring Cleaning Wardrobe motivation….

Offer your best, most inventive closet cleaning tip and YOU could win a trip to NYC to hang out with TIM GUNN for your very own WARDROBE Makeover….

Here is some inspiration from my closet….

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