Inspiring ParaOlympian: Caitlin Sarubbi talks Vancouver Experience & Family

I don’t plan to be inspired.  But it does just happen….as is the case with ParaOlympian, Caitlin Sarubbi. How else to describe a young woman who has overcome all odds to become a member of the US Adaptive Ski Team?  Caitie is visually impaired, skis with a guide and qualified for FIVE  alpine events in Vancouver.

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Procter & Gamble honors Moms with ‘Thank you Mom’ Campaign & Contest

By now you have likely smiled at the many US Olympic victories, teared up as the athletes embraced their families and possibly shed crocodile tears as you watched dreams fall short (or as you witnessed one of Procter & Gamble’s Olympic commercials).  Prepare to feel some more of that magical Olympic emotion as you watch our inaugural BlissTV episode highlighting the P&G Thank you Mom Campaign and Contest.  I am proud to be a part of this project – and even more proud of the beautiful women in this video who share their love for the special moms in their lives.

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Make a Difference – Procter & Gamble does

I’m sure you have seen the Procter & Gamble Thank you Mom’ commercials during the Olympic Games – they make me cry.  Every time.  I mean, every. single. time.

I was fortunate enough to spend the past week at the Procter & Gamble Family Home in Vancouver – covering the Olympic Games.  By far, one of my biggest takeaways is the success of the Thank you, Mom Campaign – here are some of the highlights.

US Olympic Speed Skater, Chad Hedrick talks about his sport, his family and the Olympic Games

US Olympic Speed Skater, Chad Hedrick wants to be known for more than his sport….

More updates later today!  Hear from US Olympic Athlete – Noelle Pikus-Pace right here.