Football, Fashion and Fitness with the St. Louis Lady Rams

I sat on the beach watching my small people toss the football back and forth with my husband during our vacation last year and FINALLY decided I was tired of being a spectator. I have spent so many hours sitting and watching them play, confident that my un-athleticism had permanently delegated me to the sidelines, but at that moment, something shifted. It isn’t my family that has kept me out of play, but rather, my fear of getting in the game.

Knowing me as many of you do, it may be hard to believe that within 30 minutes – and with some one-on-one coaching that included ‘line your fingers up with the laces’ and ‘toss the football with your body, not just your arm’, I was able to throw a perfect spiral more than fifty feet…. That, for me, is impressive. But the magic comes with playing with my family and playing FOOTBALL with my family.

Add another 10 minutes and the small dude had full-body tackled me to the sand. I did ask to play, right?

I have long loved the game of football. I learned the sport by watching it with my dad as a little girl. My love of the game hasn’t waned as I have grown up. I am not a ‘watch-the-Super-Bowl-for-the-commercials-football-girl’. I truly enjoy the sport. And I understand the game.

Delaney Mom St. Louis Rams Sidelines

And I know there are other women just like me….who appreciate the sport, love their team, enjoy going to the games and truly supporting their team.

So, do the St. Louis Rams. That’s why they have the Lady Rams – an organization offering exclusive access to Rams Events, merchandise, and this year extra special gifts.

As you may know, my family was honored to work with the St. Louis Rams last year on their commercial campaign and it ranks as one of the greatest things we have ever done…not only supporting a team we love, but a shared experience as a family.

St. Louis Rams Defend Our Turf

St. Louis Rams Defend Our Turf Commercial

This year, I’m thrilled to be back working with the team again, but this time supporting women and football as an ambassador for the Lady Rams.

Here is what I love about the Lady Rams:

St. Louis Lady Rams

Team Support – joining the Lady Rams means being surrounded by other women who love the same team you do. Some know more about the game, the players, the history of the team….so know less. It is an opportunity to learn and enjoy the sport.

New Friends – the Lady Rams are made up or women of all ages, so it is a fantastic opportunity to meet others with a shared interest and develop new friendships.

Football, Fashion, Fitness, Fun! – So many of my favorite things all rolled in to one. The membership provides you VIP access to training camp (happening Sunday, August 9th and Lady Rams can bring a guest), a football Fashion Show, Girls Night out events and new this year, a ‘Picked 6’ gift box delivery that arrives every month including gifts and products from Lady Rams partners.

Membership for the entire season is only $40. (The ‘Picked 6’ boxes alone are worth the membership fee!) If you are a returning member, there is a 25% discount – just use the promo code LR2014.

And if you join, or have any questions before you do, let me know! I so want to watch for you at the events!

Disclosure: I’m proud to be partnering again with the St. Louis Rams and the Lady Rams for the 2015-2016 Season. As always, all thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone. 



For the Love of the Game: Why We Defend Our Turf as a St. Louis Rams Family

If you know anything at all about me, it is that I am quite clearly one of the least athletic people you might know. But I live and breathe sports on a daily basis. I’m married to a former sports TV guy. My small people both play three competitive sports each – and LOVE it with their entire tiny beings – and I was raised by a man who watched his teams religiously year ’round.

As a little girl, I would sit with my dad on Saturdays and Sundays while he watched his beloved football, hockey and baseball…my focus at the time was initially fixing his hair just to spend time with him, but you’d be amazed how much a girl can pick up about field goals, first downs, interceptions and blocked punts just by being in the room.

That little girl grew up and while her athleticism didn’t much improve, her love of the game did.

This season something extraordinary happened with my family and I want to share a bit of that journey with you. You may have seen bits and pieces shared here and there on Instagram or Twitter, but as I wrap my brain around what this experience has meant to us, I think it is worth talking about how it has brought the four of us together. (Together? Weren’t the four of us already together? We’re a family, right? Yes… but bear with me.)

I’ll start from the beginning.

For their 2014 campaign, the St. Louis Rams decided to create a ‘Superhero’ theme titled ‘Defend Our Turf’  – aptly singling out some of their star players, Chris Long as ‘The Beast’, James Laurinaitis as ‘The Gladiator’ and Robert Quinn as ‘The Machine’. But, as their goal is to show families that the sport can be an enjoyable experience, they wanted to include a family as one of the centerpieces of the campaign.

Chris Long The Best Defend Our Turf St. Louis Rams

Robert Quinn Chris Long The Best Defend Our Turf St. Louis Rams

As I’ve done a little social media work with the Rams over the course of the past few years, Brian Killingsworth, the Vice President of Marketing and Brand Strategy called, told me a little about the campaign, mentioned they needed a family to complete the project. He asked if we would be interested.

Count my sports loving, football loving, St. Louis Rams loving family in.


In the Beginning 

Know this: When we said yes, we had NO IDEA just what the ‘campaign’ would include. We were thrilled to be a part of what we thought was simply going to be 1-2 commercials and maybe a static advertisement supporting a team we loved.

We were giddy we were going to be able to start going to the games.

Keep in mind that I grew up in Los Angeles… then the home of the Los Angeles Rams. Doing my dad’s hair, watching and listening over his shoulder, asking questions as I grew to understand the game, I was a fan then…I was still a fan now.

My Rams moved to the Midwest with me.

All day, as we shot the spots, the vision became more clear, the kids were singled out for individual commercials. Cooper was a ‘beast’ as a mini Chris Long, even doing the ‘ Joel’ – his traditional sack celebration .


And Delaney was a small version of Robert Quinn, mastering the ‘Bernie’ – his signature move.


We posed as Superheroes for what would become one of the centerpieces of the Defend Our Turf Campaign.


But in the studio that day, we were just having the time of our lives…had truly didn’t know. We didn’t know the campaign would be so big, so beautiful, so full of life and would hit a homerun on so many levels. We were given a sneak-peek just before it launched. To say we were excited was an understatement. Until that moment, we hadn’t fully grasped the vision. We hadn’t been able to picture ourselves as Superheroes. But there we were….Defending Our Turf.

DefendOurTurfPreview It was a campaign that continued to astound us with commercials (you can see all of them here) and then billboards.


And then it was the radio spots – ALL of them were voiced by my small people – which was, quite honestly, the pinnacle of this for me. Up until this campaign, my small girl had been mortified at the very idea of speaking in front of people she didn’t know. When she was required to do these voiceovers, she found a quiet, inner confidence I didn’t know she possessed and she NAILED them. As she sat, alone, in the sound booth, I watched a group of adults applaud her.


And then this… in the video below, you can see her hearing herself on the radio for the very first time. Color me proud…watching your child develop some self confidence is a beautiful thing. Her radio spots give me chills every time.

Close to the end of the season, Brian surprised us with two more bits of fun campaign pieces: an ad in the St. Louis Rams Program.

St. Louis Rams DefendOurTurfProgram

And – probably the most exciting piece for the kids: our very own Topps Trading Card.

STLRams ToppsCards

The Campaign and Why it Works

I realize that I am biased, and I know that the St. Louis Rams did not have the season that we all hoped, but I love this campaign.

St. Louis Rams Defend Our Turf

Defend Our Turf does EXACTLY what the St. Louis Rams intended for it to do.

Defend Our Turf puts Family back in Football

St. Louis Rams Defend Our Turf Commercial

For the longest time, football has been seen as a predominantly ‘male’ sport. Men play it. Men watch it. Men love it.

But here’s the thing…I love it. As a woman, as a mom. My daughter loves it. My son and husband love it.


We love it as a family. 


By far my favorite experience is actually seeing the positive effect the campaign has had: As the spot airs in the Edward Jones Dome on the big screen, people would turn to us, families would turn to us, men would turn to us and ask, ‘is that you?’ and then turn to their sons and say, ‘did you see that little girl in that commercial? She’s right there. See? I TOLD YOU. GIRLS LIKE FOOTBALL TOO.’  I almost cried the first time it happened.


And I’ve heard from people who don’t even live here in St. Louis that they LOVE the campaign – that involving families – everyday families – is GOOD. And I agree.

We go to the games. We are there early and we stay until the very end each and every time. Certainly this season has been unlike any other for us….my small people have been spoiled by the experience. They were beyond thrilled to meet Robert Quinn and Chris Long (and to do those signature moves for them just like they do in the commercials), but for me – I’ve watched my kids grow.



They are stronger, they are proud of this work they have done and will look you in the eye in a way they hadn’t previously. This has given them some extra self confidence, which is especially amazing for my small girl – the one who would previously struggle to make eye contact when anyone she didn’t know would talk to her.

The St. Louis Rams Football Experience

My family feels as though our St. Louis Rams season ticket experience has been like an extended family. We sit by many of the same people. We see many of the same people – around us, on the big screen, at the concession stands, even as we wander around the Edward Jones Dome.

There may only be eight regular season games, and the season may not have been the winning one we hoped to have, but the St. Louis Rams give you a fun, committed, exciting environment while you are there.


From the team’s grand entrance before each game to the many St. Louis local restaurants that were added this year (think Crown Candy, Sugarfire Smokehouse and Strange Donuts) to hearing the regular chants begin to play and the ‘regulars’ chant right back to by far, one of my FAVORITE moments – honoring a Veteran from the Wounded Warrior Project – imagine a standing ovation for that soldier each and every game. It is chill-inducing.


There are free after-game concerts and, if you are like us, with a crazy full schedule, you can always split your tickets…enjoy some with your family….


Bring Grandparents… (for this we bought a few extra tickets)


Make it a girl’s day out…


Or keep it as family time as we did for most games.

St. Louis Rams Jeff Danielle


We have one more game to go this season and admittedly, I’m already looking forward to 2015.

I have to thank Brian Killingsworth and Lisa Boaz with the St. Louis Rams for having faith that my family would be good representatives for the team and for allowing us to be a part of this campaign for the season. We’ve had a remarkable time. We’ve watched the games from our seats and from home and have definitely done our best to Defend Our Turf.





P&G Donates $100,000 to Benefit Child Wellness during The ProBowl

A brand new playground – built in one day, lessons in punting and passing and Touchdowns for Kids….  All designed to fight the epidemic of obesity that is hurting our children.  A partnership between the NFL and P&G benefitting the Play60 campaign which encourages kids to play at least 60 minutes a day was at the center of a 4-day Community Blitz that culminated with a $100,000 donation to United Way chapters around the country.

Take a look…..

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Oahu Families experience the ProBowl Players Up Close

The day before the ProBowl, the players practice.  It is a *light* practice to say the least, but the real motivation is to connect with their fans.  Ohana Day is a Family Day at Aloha Stadium….  think larger-than-life players, furrier-than-ever Mascots, autographs and the best-of-the-best cheerleaders….

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Touchdowns for Kids – Why YOU need to watch the ProBowl

This ProBowl is one you need to see – not just for the play on the field, but for the AMAZING that will happen as a result of each touchdown courtesy of P&G….

Who are you going to be cheering for?

For more information about P&G’s commitment to Child Wellness, visit Take it to The House.

This post is part of a series from my time in Oahu covering the ProBowl and Community Blitz for P&G. I was compensated for my work, however all thoughts, opinions and experiences are mine alone.

From the Ground Up – The NFL, P&G and the Community Build a Playground in One Day

This is the kind of thing you have to see to believe – in less than a day – a 50 by 50 square foot lot disappears – morphed into something that defines childhood dreams – a brand new, custom playground.

As part of P&G and the NFL’s Community Blitz – and in an effort to continue to support the Play60 Campaign which aims to combat childhood obesity….  this playground was created…

Watch what happens when community volunteers, local military members and some motivated ProBowl players get to work….

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