Fashion Haul – Little Girl Style – Visiting Kohls, Target & Gymboree

My small girl hit an incredible growth spurt. Those midnight leg cramps? They were happening because her sweet little legs were getting LONGER. And growing out of the pants I just bought her 6 weeks ago. Hence the need for a bit of shopping. And the inevitable Fashion Haul Video. Enjoy.

Sale days + coupons = Joy. I mean it.

My First Fashion Haul – Marshall’s Early Fall Fashion

For those of you who might be new to the ‘Fashion Haul’ concept – here is the 60 second version – it is a video – from one to ten minutes – showcasing recent fashion purchases (ie your ‘haul’ ) from any given store.  Maybe you like to shop at Target, Macys, H&M, or as in my case for my first fashion haul – I went to Marshall’s……  so, here goes: