Old Fashioned Lemon Pork Chops: Celebrating 100 Years of Pyrex #Pyrex100

I lost my grandmother when I was only nine years old. As my mother’s mother, my ‘Nana’ and I didn’t have much opportunity to grow close. Though I was the first grandchild of what would grow to be dozens, she lived many hundreds of miles away…leaving us with little chance for hand-holding, storytelling and cuddling. I was left to get to know her through the lens of my mother’s heart and hand.

I would grow to understand my Nana’s love of her work as a teacher.

My mom would share her committment to her family – her husband and her seven children, often evident through hard work, discipline and even cooking.

I am left with snippets of her dedication to mealtime, preserved, nearly two lifetimes later in her own handwriting….one like this that I’d love to share, not only because it was one of my mom’s favorites, but because it has been in my family for more than 75 years…..

Old Fashioned Lemon Pork Chops

Old Fashioned Lemon Pork Chops

Since I am helping Pyrex®, a World Kitchen brand, to celebrate their 100 year anniversary, it is only fitting that at the time my Nana used to make these Old Fashioned Lemon Pork Chops, the ONLY glassware she used to cook were Pyrex®. As I chatted with my mom about this recipe, she was quick to point out that they didn’t say ‘glassware’ or ‘baking dish’….they simply said Pyrex as they cooked with their mum.

Let’s get to some of the good stuff, shall we?

On the surface, this recipe looks remarkably simple. You need pork chops, seasoned flour, brown sugar, ‘catsup’ (ketchup) water and slices of lemon. But I was a bit suspicious of the seasoned flour. Surely, it would require more than a little salt and pepper, right?


This inquiry netted me an entirely new index card and recipe from my mom AND a mixture that can be used for a variety of dishes.

Old Fashioned Lemon Pork Chops

Do note the inclusion of ‘accent’. As this wasn’t a spice familiar to me, I did a little investigation and found it is, quite literally, MSG (a commonplace ingredient many moons ago) and clearly not needed…so feel free to skip that ingredient when you go old fashioned.

Old Fashioned Lemon Pork Chops

In a matter of minutes I created the seasoned flour, dredged the pork chops and browned them lightly in olive oil with a little help from my assistant. (Yes, his tongue is out….he told me over and over again that his mouth was watering as we cooked.)

Old Fashioned Lemon Pork Chops

We transferred them to my Pyrex baking dish and added some lemon slices.

Old Fashioned Lemon Pork Chops

We poured the remaining ingredients over top and baked for about 30-40 minutes total at 350 degrees.  As our chops were both boneless and thinly sliced, they didn’t require a full hour of baking.

Old Fashioned Lemon Pork Chops

I’m happy to share, every member of my family returned for seconds and I was able to save the left-over seasoned flour.

Old Fashioned Lemon Pork Chops

I love that Pyrex has updated their product line with a vintage twist to mark this special 100th anniversary milestone. You can add to your collection by visiting the Pyrex100 Website.

Do you remember Pyrex having a special place in your childhood home? I’d love to hear the story. You can stay connected with Pyrex and all they have to offer by following them online:

Instagram: Pyrex Home ~ Pinterest: Pyrex Home ~ Twitter: World Kitchen, LLC ~ Facebook: Pyrex Home

You will have to let me know if you make our family Old Fashioned Lemon Pork Chops – and naturally, what you think when you do. And don’t forget, you can also enter to win in this wonderful Pyrex sweepstakes below. Good luck!

The Pyrex® 100 Days of Giveaways is sponsored by World Kitchen, LLC. There is no purchase necessary to enter. In order to participate, you must be a legal resident of the fifty United States or the District of Columbia and must be at least 18 years old at the time of entry. Entries will be accepted from March 22, 2015 at 10:00:00 a.m. ET until June 30, 2015 at 9:59:59 a.m. ET.

Disclosure: I have happily partnered with World Kitchen LLC to share the wonderful Pyrex® 100th Anniversary product line. All opinions are my own.

Pyrex® 100th Anniversary Giveaway

They Do as You DO, Not as You SAY: Create a Gratitude Tree

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Gratitude Tree, ExtraordinaryMommy.comI live by many rules as a parent – many of them are wisdom passed on to me by smarter generations – my parents included. Take for example, the phrase, ‘because I said so’… that little gem was one I swore I’d never repeat, but it’s now a known and feared quantity in our home. My small people know if that is the answer you get, you’ve likely pushed too far.

I believe firmly in teaching kindness and gratitude in giant hugs, in bedtimes and brushing teeth, in fruits and vegetables, in saying yes to candy in moderation, in protecting each other, in looking my small people in the eye, in saying sorry only when it’s necessary, but meaning it when you say it, in laughing until you can’t breathe, in being a permanent student of life and in having ‘yes days’ to fuel all of our souls.

But the biggest lesson I have learned as a parent is this: I can have all of the rules in the world. I can ‘teach’ until my voice runs out and my hair turns gray, but my small people will not do as I say, they will do as I do.  It is up to me to model the behavior I want to see in them as they grow. This means being kind, brushing my teeth, eating my vegetables, laughing and…. you understand.

Part of this practice – it isn’t always easy…. is finding news ways to live these rules together.

Enter our newest family holiday tradition: The Gratitude Tree. In the video, we explain HOW we did it (easy-peasy, I promise) and more on the WHY.


So, what do you think?

Have you ever created a Gratitude Tree in your home? (If you have and you’ve written about it – or created a video – share the link…. I want to see!) Friends spreading gratitude is my FAVORITE.

And beyond that, I just would love to know… what are you grateful for? I’d love to add your words and heart to our tree!

Happy Thanksgiving and beyond, my friends.


The Beauty of Tradition: A Veil, Her Eyes and A Small Girl’s Soul

I went to sleep the other night…. the mother of the sweet baby girl.  Born with a full head of dark brown hair, brown eyes reminiscent of milk chocolate…. a smile that can make you melt. She toddled through my dreams saying her first word, ‘bit’ for blanket, holding my hand, snuggling into my bed and sucking her thumb.

When I woke, I found this….


An angel of a girl, no longer toddling…. full of questions, spunky, sassy and with freckles that I have spent hours trying to memorize like astromers do their favorite constellations.

This weekend, Delaney will make her First Communion… an incredibly important step in the Catholic faith.  She has spent the better part of her second grade year preparing for it.  This feels like her first ‘grown up’ moment.  We have had so many beautiful, meaningful conversations surrounding what will happen for her this weekend.  She is taking it all so seriously…

And another part of the treasure for me comes steeped in tradition.  The veil you see on her sweet head is over 100 years old.

I wore it on my First Communion.

Danielle's First Communion 1981

So did my mother.

My Mom's First Communion 1957

And so did my grandmother.

And that veil?  Was created from my great-grandmother’s wedding veil.

Delaney and I took these pictures as a ‘trial-run’…. she chose her own dress, but allowed me to be the stylist for her hair and veil (though having her hair done does not rank high on my tom-boy’s list of things to do).

She was so reverent about the veil, took such good care as we moved around outide and was so beautifully spirited…..choosing different poses and enjoying every moment with me.

I’m going to watch her on Sunday…. walk down the aisle of the church…. in that dress and veil.  She will still be seven when she walks out the door, but she will have carried on a glorious family tradition and given me one more memory to decorate my dreams as she gets a little older day-by-day.