Proud Mommy Keep on trying


The Enthusiasm on his little face makes me smile every time.  And it is with a great big smile that I announce we are successfully potty training.  For many of you potty training is probably no big deal.  For me: pure terror.  Training Delaney was the single worst parenting experience of my life.  She would cry.  She would scream.  She would buck herself off and pee on the floor.  But not Coop.  He thinks it is cool.  He isn’t doing it all day.  He isn’t telling me every time, but he is trying.  We seem to have first thing in the morning and right before bedtime all squared away.  During the day, he is just too busy to be bothered.  But that is ok with me.  We are still a FULL YEAR away from how old Delaney was when she was trained.

I’ve got nothing but time.  And a bucket of Skittles: Coop’s potty award of choice.

I will not be scared.  I will not cower in fear of the itty-bitty potty.  I will be proud of our progress.  And I will keep on trying.