Stuck on Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day? Head to EBay!

It is about this time of year that my husband has HAD IT with gift giving for me. Our wedding anniversary is in October which, to him, feels too close to Christmas….. and that is DEFINITELY too close to my birthday in January.  He skips Valentine’s Day, but then is STRESSED because Mother’s Day creeps up in May.

The whole thing makes me laugh because, really?  I AM SO EASY TO BUY FOR. But nonetheless… I imagine, my poor husband is not out on a the island of fear-of-gift-gift-buying all by his lonesome….am I right?

The funny thing is, he almost always does a great job (I’m not counting that light-up picture that makes the 10 second loop of ocean waves and seagulls audio over and over again)– he has surprised me with trips, has listened when I have dropped hints and has even brought the kids in on the action.

But who couldn’t use a little extra inspiration?

I think by now you know I’m on the Parent Panel for eBay.  I’ve talked a lot about selling….(and hey – fun update – all three of my recent auctions sold – BONUS!  I actually made money) but this, right here?  This whole fear-of-gift-buying?  This is a perfect opportunity to share the BUYING side of eBay.

EBay is celebrating Mother’s Day AND they have compiled a gift guide of items that the moms (and WIVES!!) in your lives might like (which is also a good reference for items to sell right now as well!).

I love this for a few reasons:

1)   Hello??  Suggestions for my husband.  I can send him there and trust he can find a few things all on his own

2)   If I’m feeling liking guiding him, I can (Jeff – think: (a tote bag? a watch?)

3)   Not only am I a Mom, but I also buy for both my mom and my mother-in-law, so the Gift Guide has the added bonus of giving me ideas as well. (perfume?  a clutch?)

And I know we have talked about this before… but since so many people struggle with the ‘what should I sell from around MY home?’ question…. The gift guide is a great place to search for ideas. (Have an old phones- iphones or droids lying around?  Or jewelry you will never wear again?)

And just for a little added fun and flavor…. (if you ARE a daughter and can remember moving out of the house for the first time or if you HAVE a daughter) you will definitely appreciate this eBay tribute video  to mother-daughter relationships.

Happy Early Mother’s Day, friends and Happy Shopping.  Come back and let me know if you find something fun.

Disclosure: I am working with ebay on their ebay Parent Panel and am compensated as such.  As you know by now…. all opinions shared by me on this site are my own.