Sticking Together

So, I am learning.

Each day is giving me a new opportunity for amazing life experiences. Today has been no exception.  From the minute I woke up this morning until these last few moments I type, this crazy, small world story about our family picture ending up in another country has been *almost* the top of my mind.

*Almost* because nothing can ever truly edge my family out of  their ‘first place’ slot. And today’s chaos certainly lobbied to be the winner.

But  all I have to do it look around.  My husband spent his entire day at my side – helping to navigate our way through the inquiries and requests.

And…..right now….

Snuggled together just to my left are the two small people who bring me the most joy and make my life an adventure.  Delaney has her four year old arm tucked protectively around Coop because we are in a new and strange place. 

We are in New York City to visit CBS’s The Early Show first thing in the morning.

I know this will all die down, and when it does, we will still be the same family we were 2 weeks ago: We will still play baseball in the house, read to the kids every day, laugh through bath time, enjoy Friday night Family dinner dates and sit together for bed time prayers.

We will still stick together.  We will still be us.

I hope, if you see us – or if you have seen any of the media on this story – you can recognize that my family means the world to me.

They show me every day what it means to love, they remind me how good it feels to belly laugh and how grateful I am we wake up in the same home together every day.

  • Danette

    Wow! You have a beautiful family. Make sure and make some money from all this web traffic.

  • Mark H

    Just stumbled upon your story. This will certainly make a good telling to your grandkids =)
    Sort of a neat experience to have though, I wish your family the best!

  • Eileen

    Hi D!

    I am amazed at all the negative things people have to say about you and your beautiful family! You didn’t ask for any of this! Please, know that your true friends know you and love you!

    I am really proud of the way you have handled this. What a crazy and confusing time!


  • Dylan Roberts

    My thought is that you should turn this whole thing into a moneymaker. You were in the media, and it’s obvious that since you’ll be on CBS’ morning show, you’ll undoubtedly be getting paid for your appearance. In these tough economic times, I reckon you should use the exposure as much as it uses you. This way, you’ll be able to send your kids to college. It’s a sad thing that a bunch of idiots decided to leave nasty comments, too.

    Pity nothing like this ever happens to me and my music !

    Best of luck,
    Dylan Roberts

  • Laura

    I’m from the UK and came across your story in the Guardian newspaper so came to have a quick look at your blog to read more about what happened, but stayed a while and read some of your other entries. I don’t have children yet (hoping to start a family soon) but your posts made me smile thinking about everythingwe have to look forward to. Best wishes to you and your family.

  • Stephanie

    I found out about your story via a friend’s blog and everything you write about your experience is so true. It’s surreal to be a regular, normal family but have producers calling for interviews etc. all because of something that happened to you via the Internet.

    I’m so right there with you (only I can’t say much publicly about my experience these days) — the nasty comments on message boards and in e-mails amid all the many messages of support. It does die down, although it does tend to come in waves as some new media outlet picks it up, so enjoy what you can enjoy out of it.

    It’ll be a great story to tell the kids — and in your Christmas cards!

  • Erica

    This is kind of a funny story. You have a very attractive family, which is probably why the storekeeper thought it was a good advertisement material. Enjoy it while it lasts and I can understand why you are dubious about the internet as it is hard to tell what pictures people will find worth stealing. It is also easy to download a picture from the internet onto your computer as all you have to do is right click on an image and it lets you save it. I discovered that trick when I was about 20. Congradulations on your new found fame. :)

  • Brenda


    It is difficult for me to understand why you are so upset that this thing happened TO YOU as if you had nothing to do with it. Weren’t you the one who made it available on the internet by sending it to friends and posting it on “several social internet websites?” Aren’t you aware by now that these networks can be accessed by millions of people worldwide? We are trying to teach our teens to be very careful with what they make public on the intenet. You are an adult woman. You should know better.

  • IcantBelieveItsNews

    This is really no big news – shocked that the US media is covering it. Probably because you’re all blonde. I run my own advertising company here in China and I’ve ‘borrowed’ tons of images from photobucket and flickr. Nobody will ever know, and the legal conditions here are such that nobody can ever sue me. Big deal, the picture got on a bus stop for a few days – until the next customer rents the space. Amazing that this is front-page news back in the States. Good on your family for taking advantage of everything the media gives you, though – just don’t think for a second that you owe them anything, they’re exploiting you.

  • Jessica

    I have shared this crazy story with friends and family its one of those things that “won’t happen to me” but you just never know! I do want to ask how do you set your pictures to a lower quality? I just put my family pictures up and I would like to know how to fix their quality =] Thank you