Sexy and Risque Halloween Costumes for Teens and Tweens? Really?

I went Halloween costume shopping with my small people as I do every year…and maybe it is because my daughter is inching ever-closer to the tween years that I can’t help but notice how risque some of the costumes are….

Why can’t she just be a devil?  Why must she be a SEXY devil?

And SEXY princesses?  And nurses?  What is going on?

I know it isn’t impossible to find other options, but why is it appropriate to dress our young girls this way?

What are your thoughts? Are these the costumes your kids are wanting? Do your kids ask questions about these kinds of costumes when they see them in the store? When they see them on other kids and  how do you field them if they do?

  • Lisa Visbeen Lehmann

    it’s horrid. so having teen girls…we decided to do super fun fantasy makeup and go as woodland princesses and fairies. and bless their hearts…they think they look beautiful when they’re done so they are willing to stay “conservative” with the dress. but it is going to be a continual conversation and awareness – hard stuff raising girls who respect themselves!

  • Danielle Smith

    I so love that your girls have you as a beautiful, intelligent, self-respecting role model! I think it makes all the difference! It is so hard. I’m grateful – so far, that Delaney is turning her nose up at it and our conversations have been limited… but I’m trying so make sure she respects herself!

  • E.S. Ivy

    I *so* know what you are talking about. My daughters are tall, so they get to the bigger sizes earlier too. I guess I am lucky that while they have had a few bought costumes, they have gotten to where the quality and fit of the pre-made costumes are not to their liking.

    This year my middle grader wanted to go as Athena (she’s been reading the Percy Jackson series). We came up with a no-sew costume and she got tons of compliments at the school costume dance! She wouldn’t have gotten that with a bought costume. (I’ve posted full instructions on my new blog. I’m not sure if my Disqus profile goes to the right place or not (one more blogging task!) but the post is