My Girl’s Santa Wish

I have this small girl.  And she believes in the Magic of Christmas DEEP in her soul. So deeply that the moments that might give other children pause are ones that she passes right over. She doesn’t stop to question, she doesn’t wonder.

She sat in tears at our kitchen table last night because our Elf, Freddie, will soon be leaving.  She will miss him.

She made a Christmas list for Santa this year and it included a few things I consider, well, unrealistic.

1) an iPhone.  She is EIGHT. An iPhone is out of the question.  NOT. AN. OPTION. So, we had to talk about how beautiful it is that Santa listens to Mommy and Daddy and respects their wishes…. so… no matter how HARD you wish… if Mommy and Daddy say ‘no’, it just can’t happen. In our home, a cell phone for an eight year old is not happening.

2) A Hamster. Oh, for the LOVE OF ALL THINGS!  A HAMSTER?  I’d rather eat glass. They only live for about 15 minutes, her ‘responsibility’ factor isn’t at a 10, they smell, they make a wicked amount of noise and she is a light sleeper. A hamster would be a recipe for disaster.


So, here I was feeling horrible, even though, I KNOW there are other things on her list that she wants and will get…. and I received an email.

Rachel read about my Hamster dilemma, and also knew just how much my small girl LOVES technology, stuffed animals and small creatures – so she offered a solution: Ubooly.

It’s the ‘world’s first Smart Toy’…. using the brain of one of our old iPod touches, this little guy will come to life and live as an imaginative, educational friend to my sweet girl. He tells stories and jokes and he ‘updates’ every two weeks… his ‘brain’ is an app.  Amazing.

Take a look at the video to see how he works…

Delaney will be getting this little guy tomorrow.  He’s no hamster, BUT, I think she’ll find him even better: he’s just as soft, she won’t have to clean up after him, she can actually sleep WITH him… oh and he TALKS to her.

We’ll be following up with another video to show you just what she thinks :)

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    Merry Christmas!!!

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