Making Learning and Play Fun with Fruit Loops

Fruit Loop Patterns & Learning NecklaceBeing a mom is easily one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done.  My goals are constantly shifting, constantly changing.  I am always aware that I am shaping little minds and leading by example.  I want my small people to learn, I want to teach them to play.  I want to model good behavior… I want them to be kind.

I want them to look back on their childhood and know that they had fun.

And that they were loved.

I don’t doubt that I am accomplishing this. (on most days, that is) But I have always loved to challenge myself to combine a few goals at a time – what if I could play with them AND teach them something at the same time?  Now that they are a little older: what if I could treat them to something they love and have them work creatively together as brother and sister at the same time?

When they were little bitty, I loved to come up with games that helped them to learn – counting, colors, sorting – while having a ‘reward’ at the end.

Kellogg’s recently asked us to work on a project together: Use one of their cereals, Fruit Loops, to ignite kid’s colorful imaginations.  I asked my small people to not only help me create the project, but to showcase it in action. Delaney even named our game:

Spectacular Fruit Loop Patterned Necklaces

For ages 3-5
You will need: Ribbon any color
Ziploc bags
Fruit Loops – of course.

Measure the ribbon 12-18 inches depending on your child (adult tie a knot at one end)

Have your child or children sort the Fruit Loops by color and choose TWO.

You can put two colors and one ribbon in a Ziploc bag for later play or to keep them separate.

Show your child how to create a pattern blue-green-blue-green or red-yellow-red-yellow, by placing each Fruit Loop, one at a time on the ribbon. (For more advanced play, choose three or four different colors).

Once the necklace is complete, adult can tie a second knot, place it around your child’s neck as a necklace AND…. voila!  A Fruit Loop Necklace.

Learning…. AND a treat.

Skills practiced and learned: colors, sorting, patterns, fine motor skills and finger licking :)

And yes… my small people couldn’t help but do a little snacking as they went.

Disclosure: I am thrilled to have a long term relationship with Kellogg’s which allows me to share projects like this with you.  As always, all thoughts and opinions shared on this site are mine. 


  • karenmed409

    Thank you for sharing, going to try this with one of little guys to help with his fine motor skills.. he can have a little fun while exercising!

  • Danielle Smith

    Oh Karen – I love that! We had so much fun doing it – you will have to let me know what you think :) Thanks for stopping by.