“M” is for …..

He is edible.

My small dude, that is.  And every single damn day he hits me with some zinger that a) makes me cry b) causes me to look for hidden cameras because, REALLY, did-he-seriously-just-say-that?? or c) I melt to the point that I can hear a chorus of ‘ahhhhhhs’ accompany him like his own personal background channel.

And this moment was no different.

The conversation started like most typical, “how was your kindergarten day?” chats do….

“Mommy!  Tomorrow is SHOW AND TELL!”  In Kindergarten, this is like going to the Super Bowl.  Except it happens every week.

“Excellent, Small Dude….what are you supposed to bring?”

“Something that starts with ‘M’….”

Now, if you know us….. this is an easy one….


You see that thing on his hand…. friends, say it with me….it is a MITT.  While most kindergarteners are certain to be packing a stuffed monkey into their backpacks, this Mommy is already heading to the garage for that well loved mitt, calling over her shoulder,

“What are you bringing….?”

And he answers…..

“My MOMMY!!!”

And you know what I did??


  • Robyn (3girlsmom)

    That. Is. Precious.
    And to be honest with you, I had NO IDEA what the “M word” was in the pictures? Why? Because down here in the deep south, we call that thing a GLOVE! HA!Love ya, friend!

  • Danielle Smith

    Oh Robyn – thank you :)  And you know – we call it a glove too – but the boys in our family are into baseball enough that they will always try to make it fit, so it can be a glove, a mitt, a baseball glove, a catcher’s mitt :) 

  • Steve Woodruff

    Ain’t no way to top that. Not in a hundred years… :>}

  • Danielle Smith

    Steve – I adore you for validating these moments for me.  Thank you a million times over.