Life Lessons Learned at TypeAMom

I am home.  My family may or may not have missed me while I was gone, but I did miss them.  And I already miss the wonderful people from TypeA.

I had a wonderful time at the TypeAMom Conference in Asheville, North Carolina.


I hugged, I chatted, I met amazing new people, I joined conversations, I took hours of video (that I am still working on putting together), I learned and I found myself both re-energized about blogging and our community and reminded that it is my individual voice that tells you who I am.

Sometimes I get lost.  I get tired of writing from my heart.  It takes energy, time and a willingness to ‘put myself out there’. But it is that process that allows you and I to connect on a deeper level.

I think giveaways are fun – but they aren’t why I started this site.  I started this site because I wanted to remind you – other Mommys – that you are doing something extraordinary, every single day.  I write because I want to connect, to share.  I vlog and use video because I want to engage with you – I want us to have a conversation – I want our community to see each other.

typeafionasandymichelejenBecause I adore this community – whether you call yourself a Mommy Blogger, A Parenting Blogger,  a Digital Mom, a Lifecaster, or you simply prefer Blogger – I want to share with you a little of my experience.

I will share the practical lessons (and there are many) in a future post.

But for now, I will go with my feelings. (seriously, how girly am I??)

Life Lessons from TypeA

  • We are all part of an amazing, growing community. We must respect each other and the varied way we share our voices.
  • Be true to you.  Occasionally stand back and reassess – are you blogging and communicating in a way that fits you and your brand?
  • Remember you are your brand.  (thank you Alli Worthington) Everything you do, everything you say illustrates who you are to the outside world.
  • Take the high road.  If someone engages you online, or you see an argument break out – stay out of it unless absolutely necessary.  A public battle is unfortunate and can be damaging to everyone involved.
  • Blog Karma is a virtual way to ‘pay it forward’.  There is enough room for everyone – and good things happening for one person paves the way for it to happen again.  Share with and about your friends.  A positive recommendation can go a long way.

trishadkadiThis community of women is talented and eclectic, beautiful and timid, outspoken and charming, classy and silly, opinionated and crazy, generous and sensitive.

And I am a part of that community.  So are you.

Welcome – picture a great big hug – to the new frontier of Mommy-Parenting-Digital-Lifecasting-New-Media and Blogging.

I am glad you are here.  I am glad I am here.

Thank you to the amazing women I spent time with at this conference – some of you I already knew and I couldn’t wait to see again.  Some of you I was dying to get to meet in person and get to know.  And still some are people I wanted to spend hours with, but I sadly, there wasn’t time.

I’m grateful as well to the sponsors – you added to our experience, shared perspective and engaged us in outstanding conversation.

And finally, thank you to Kelby for hosting and MomTV for sponsoring me.

View the initial TypeA highlights, and the TypeAMomSong.

(The picture on the front page of the site was taken by the Extaordinary @secretagentmama and features @janicecroze @velveteenmind and @jylmomif. In these pictures you see @bookieboo, @jylmomif @banteringblonde @organizersandy, @scrappinmichele @keepitclassyjen @momdotrocks @kadiprescott)

  • Muthering Heights

    It was so awesome to meet you!!! You are even prettier in person, by the way. :)

  • melissa stover

    great recap of the conference. i enjoyed being there.

  • Danielle

    Thank you, Melissa – I had so much fun too!

  • Danielle

    Jess – you are too darn cute – thank you so much. Loved meeting you. Next time? I want to chat even more!

  • Al_Pal

    Hooray, so awesome to meet you & fun to pose for Mishi on Saturday night! Hugs!

  • Danielle

    AlPal – I adore you – I LOVE that pic that Mishi took – so great to laugh and play with you!

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  • Melissa Multitasking Mama

    I so enjoyed watching your coverage on You got to hug my friends (including your fabulous self) so I am jealous. More importantly, everyone seems to have walked away from the conference energized and committed in a way that was so necessary for our community to get past the “junk” of the last few months. Kelby rocks for pulling that off and all of you rock for being a part of it.

  • Courtney Velasquez

    So glad you were live casting on MomTV! i enjoyed being able to be a part of the conference without physically being there…felt like a real community! Can’t wait till we get to hang out…maybe Blissdom?? Miss ya my friend!

  • frelle

    Hi Danielle! It was absolutely fantastic to meet you in person, and I appreciate your sharing your take on lessons learned from the conference. You have a wonderfully magnetic personality, and it comes through online as well as in person. :)

  • duongsheahan

    Looks and sounds like an amazing conference!! You all look fabulous!!


  • Brandy

    Loving all the pictures (I’m a lover of pictures) and happy that you connected and learned a lot. I agree with all the life lessons you learned and although am sad I missed meeting all those I read blogs of and interact with on Twitter, FB and the Blogosphere, I am happy to be reading all about the great friendships formed and new things learned! Have a great week Danielle!

  • Mary@Everyday Baby Steps

    Thanks for sharing your feelings, Danielle. You summed up the important points of the conference well. It was wonderful to be able to meet you in person!

  • Malia

    Oh good, you wrote my type-a mom con recap for me! 😉

    But seriously, I could say just about everything you said here. (And hopefully here in a day or two I will have on my own blog. lol)

  • JenniferG

    I am so excited about finding this site! Just jumping around the blogosphere and ended up here…WOW! Thank you for doing the recap. I couldn’t attend (new blogger… working full time) but I am so excited to be discovering what it was all about. So looking forward to visiting you in the future!

  • kweenmama

    I like the idea of being a brand. What a great way to view my blogging…

  • casual friday every day

    Great pictures! Looks like you had a totally fabulous time.


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