Kicking Off BBQ Season With Grilling Tips From George Duran & The Dish

If you know anything about me at all, you know that I ADORE summertime.  But it isn’t simply the warm weather, the pooltime, the lack of school schedules and propensity for margaritas that gets me excited….though all of those do make me extraordinarily happy.

Consider this:

This is the ONLY time of year that I get a break from cooking.  I am the family chef EXCEPT when it comes to heading outside to the Barbeque.  THAT?  Is my husband’s job.  It is about time that I confess to you – I have actually NEVER grilled in my life.  Crazy, right? I know… but it is true.  It is the one place Jeff is really comfortable…so ever since we married, he’s just made that his contribution.  And I let him.  I just *might* be afraid of the grill.

So, this post is actually dedicated to my husband and the ten times a year he cooks dinner.  Because when he does…it is DIVINE.

Over on The Dish, Con Agra’s newest site for bloggers, Celebrity Chef, George Duran is kicking off an ‘Essential Guide For Barbeque Season’.  It is a perfect place to get the tips you need before you start throwing all of your ‘end-of-the-school-year-parties’.  (Admittedly, my small people JUST finished school – so I am ready to start having people over!)

Duran’s first post is dedicated to some new trends he is seeing (hint – people are getting creative with toppings and sauces…now this is something I can do since I usually help with the marinating!) He also has a few tips to make the process easier and keep you safe while you are tackling the big job.

I’m thinking it might be about time for me to get over my fear of grilling and just do it…. what do you think?

Disclosure: I have worked closely with Con Agra on the launch of The Dish and have been compensated for my time.




  • Kweenmama

    Do it!  Start grilling! 

  • Danielle Smith

    @0fa39cd4da2479598846ea43557bae3b:disqus I know I should – but I swear I’m so nervous!! Also – how are you??  Just seeing your name made me smile.  

  • weber bbq

    Hi Danielle, it is better to start grilling and it may be a new challenge.