Just Like Daddy

2013-01-05 18.06.00He perched on the edge of the bathtub, staring as intently as he typically does at a sporting event, “how do you do that?”

“Do what, Buddy?”, my husband replied, eyes still on the mirror, determined not to cut himself.  Apparently years of practice shaving does not allow one to look away.


I know it was two thoughts, but it came out in such a rush, my small dude wanting to be just like his daddy, it hit me as I watched their reflections in my mirror.  Wasn’t it just 15 minutes ago that I gave birth to him?  Wasn’t it just an hour ago that he was learning to climb the stairs and holding his first baseball? I’m lucky that he’s still my little guy.  I’m lucky that he still wants to be my little guy.  And his daddy’s little guy.

I can see the awe reflected in his eyes, the imaginary cape his daddy wears, as surely as I can see their reflection in my mirror.  It is a tiny miracle I have the privilege of witnessing each day.  He is only 6 now, but if the speed of the past 2000+ days is any indication, the days until he actually needs to shave are going to fly by.  He snuggles and loves.  He is kind-hearted and good. I often wake with him burrowed next to me. Just this morning he helped me put my coat on.

This is a little guy who plays soccer and baseball and has for the last 4 years of his life.  Yes, you are reading correctly.  He’s 6.  He has played for the last four years.  And he loves every single second.  This Spring he is tackling a new sport: Flag Football.  He can’t wait.  He is counting down the days.  He was devastated his ‘team’, the St. Louis Rams didn’t make it further into the playoffs, but that hasn’t stopped him from watching.  Just the other day, Jeff looked bewildered, “what if he actually ends up liking football more than baseball?”  Could happen.

My small dude is growing up right in front of my eyes.

First football.  Then shaving.  One of these days he will be taller than me, getting a driver’s licence, asking for multiple meals at a time.

Picture me shaking my head to clear the thoughts away.  I’m not ready. I’m nor sure I ever will be. But life has a funny way of walking you through it, right?

GilletteRazorsThese arrived on my doorstep the other day. A result of the work I have been doing with P&G and Gillette on the NFL Fancestry Campaign. (Hopefully you filled that out it is so much fun to learn about the history of your ‘fan-dom!) Limited Edition St. Louis Rams Gillette Razors. In an instant I could picture his tall 16 year old frame leaning past me to grab them, ‘thanks, Mom… I need these.’… blond hair falling in his blue eyes. Same mischievous smile.  Same sprinkle of freckles.

Same small dude.  Just bigger.  Much, much bigger.

And my mom’s heart skipped a beat.

I think I want to stop time as I watch him watching his daddy.

Disclosure: I’m happy to share that I have been working with P&G, Gillette and the Fancestry campaign during this NFL season, though thoughts and opinions on this site are always my own.