Irrational Fears: I Have One. Do You?

Before you find yourself jumping to the video to find a new way (and a completely justifiable way, I might add) to mock me, I would like you to take a few minutes to reflect:

What scares you?

It seems to me that everyone has a few things that fall in to the ‘I am afraid of…” category.  For some of us, there are perfectly rational fears: heights, speaking in front of people, spiders and snakes… maybe some that are even a little iffy.  Only YOU know what those are.

I know people who are afraid of clowns.  Grown men who fear mice.  I have a friend who refuses to take a cruise – not because she is worried about being in the open water, not because she fears sea-sickness, but because she is positive the ship will sink and she will be eaten by a shark.  Eaten by a shark. After the ship sinks. So, I guess that falls in to a ‘multiple fear’ category.

For me?  Mine is a little something you see almost every day. But, people, there is a REASON. And it is much more fun to explain in the video.

I am afraid of…

What about you?  Any rational or irrational fears you care to share?  You can feel safe here… because REALLY?  You heard my story.