I Believe: Silly Makes The World Go ‘Round


The best sound in the whole world is, inarguably, my children’s laughter.  At five and seven, it still begins deep in their toes and resonates throughout their entire little beings, bubbling past their bellies and flying past their tongues.  When they were itty-bitty, you could make it happen by tickling.

I mean, I can STILL make it happen by tickling, but now our days are sprinkled with ‘silly’.

I’m constantly being asked, “But, Mom, can you DO THIS?”  Eye-crossing, ear-moving, crazy dance moves, cartwheels, hide-and-go-seek in the grocery store… and I do my best to always answer the silly-call.

Why?  Because we need more ‘silly’ in our lives.  And my small people need to know that I can do both – be ‘serious’ mom and ‘silly’ mom.

And?  The real reason?  I LOVE to see them smile.  Love it, deep down in my soul.


Do you have enough ‘silly’ in your life?  What is the silliest thing you have ever done with your kids?