I Believe Hugs Are The Answer. (What’s the Question?)


I believe hugs are the answer.  To just about anything.

Should we get out of bed in the morning?  Start with a hug.

Am I being kind to my sister (or brother) Hug it out.

Having a bad day? You need a hug.

Tough decision to be made? Take 3 minutes to hug someone you love.

Haven’t seen someone in a too long?  Hug. Definitely.

Angry?  Really… really angry?  Yes.  HUG.  It will help you to diffuse.

I’m not a perfect parent.  Well…sometimes I am. Perfectly disorganized. Perfectly guaranteed to make mistakes, lose my patience, yell too often, and forget to pack lunch.  Also?  Perfect at hugs.

Because I believe they are essential to my the well being and self esteem of my small people.

Who have you hugged today?


  • http://www.thebabyshoecompany.co.uk/ Ann @ Baby shoes

    Give yourself a  hug for writing such a lovely post!

  • http://ryzeonline.com/ JasonFonceca

     I agree.  Connection, sharing, love are powerful backbones and a solution to jumpstart nearly anything… but what about someone who feels lonely, abandoned, and unsupported? — they likely won’t have easy access to a hug.

    EG: When I was homeless, it felt like I couldn’t get a hug if my life depended on it 😀

  • http://lostandforgotten.wordpress.com/ Marta

    I completely agree. Always been a big fan of hugs. 

  • http://blog.nerdfamily.com/ Jacqueline Cromwell

    We are huge huggers over here! I have even had my youngest cry bcz she felt her brother didn’t forgive her bcz after he said he forgave her, he didn’t hug her. He was playing a video game;). 

  • Danielle Smith

    Ann – thank you so much for that – so truly sweet of you.  Inspired by my small people… naturally.

  • Danielle Smith

    Jason – you are so very right….  you touched on something I wasn’t considering as I wrote this.  I was strictly writing from a parenting perspective.  Thank you for pushing me to think in broader strokes.  I appreciate it.

  • Danielle Smith

    Marta – it is hard NOT to be, yes?  Especially when they come from small people :)

  • Danielle Smith

    Oh… sweet girl!  I love that.  My small people are such big huggers too.  I’m so glad it is something I have passed on to them.  (and I love that you do it too!)

  • http://ryzeonline.com/ JasonFonceca

     My pleasure, Danielle, it’s a very inspiring post :)