I Believe: Ask and Ye Shall Receive


Every day feels like a crap shoot.

Or a gift.

It depends on the day.

Did I make the right decision?

Am I doing a good job?

Did I yell too much?

Answer their little questions?

Hug them enough?

Say, ‘in a minute’ too many times?

Snap? Growl? Laugh? Love? Giggle?

Am I fun?  Do I read? Play catch?

What do they LOVE best?

You know they will TELL you, right?

I sat in a room full of little girls last night who happily told their moms all kinds of things they are doing right every single day. Cooking. Playing catch. Helping with homework. Drying tears. Cleaning rooms. Buying slushies.

Being a friend.

Making them happy.



Want to know what you are doing right?

Just ask.

I do believe it is that simple.

  • Kim – Mommycosm

    I love this!  So very true.

    Why is it so hard to ask for positive feedback and help, fortheloveofGOD?!  I’m getting over myself long enough to ask my kids.  Right now since I’m away so much in the thick of softball season, I could really hear from them what I am doing right.  Thanks.

  • Danielle Smith

    I’ll start.  You are giving them an example of a mother who knows how to coach and encourage – you are making a difference in girl’s lives right now…. today.  The ability to coach is a gift.  Also – that you are willing to ask?  Lovely. We can all use the reinforcement (and sometimes correction)  We just forget to ask.  xoxo 

  • http://www.momentsthatdefinelife.com/ Nicole @MTDLBlog

    I’m afraid to ask! How silly is that? :-) I think we’re all so hard on ourselves…you’re so right. Great post.