How To Shop For Frozen Foods: An Interview With SuperMarket Guru Phil Lempert

You know I love to do interviews, right?

And it is ALWAYS so much fun to chat with someone who is lively, fun AND makes my life better.  Phil Lempert, the SuperMarket Guru, as he is known, falls right into that category.  Phil makes a living teaching people how to make the most out of their trips to the grocery store – how to make the smartest, healthy choices, how to stay up on food trends AND, how to keep more of your money in your pocket.

From Phil, I learned that we spend about $6 billion, that’s right…. BILLION on frozen, easy-to-prepare meals, and, on average, we eat about 6 of those meals a month.  So, it made sense to me, as a mom who always aims to a) provide the healthiest options and b) likes to save money, to ask the expert for Frozen Food Tips….

Are you within the national average – eating a frozen meal about six times a month?  We aren’t, but one of the reasons I’ve always shied away is for fear of a lot of preservatives or large calorie intake without a lot of ‘healthy’ added in…. but I love learning from Phil that I have options.

Do you have a favorite frozen food or go-to meal?

In addition to the websites Phil mentioned, he is also a spokesperson for Con Agra Foods and can be found dishing out regular food, shopping and grocery advice on their newest site, The Dish.