How to Choose Who to Root For During the Super Bowl

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 3.54.51 PMI was in the grocery store today and the cashiers were joking about how they were deciding who to root for during Super Bowl XLVII (47).

By the colors of the uniform?  Really? Trust me, I know we aren’t in 49ers or Ravens territory… this is St. Louis, so in theory, we don’t have a Ram in this fight, and I DO KNOW it is much more fun to watch the game when you actually are cheering for one team over the other.  So, I wanted to suggest a few ways you could pick a team….without deciding on the colors of the uniform.  I figured I would also share my path to choosing…. wait… I will get there.

How to Choose Who To Root For During the Super Bowl:

a) Do you have any ties to either city?  Went to college in San Francisco?  Grandparents born in Baltimore? Problem solved.

b) Do you live in an AFC or NFC city – choose your own league. Or choose to root against your league.

c) Are there any players on either team from your hometown?  From your College or University?  If each team has one – resort to b)

d) Play the odds. Who is predicted to win?  Take the easy route and root for that team OR choose the underdog.

e) Choose the team based on who you think wants it more: The Ravens have only won ONE Super Bowl – (SuperBowl XXXV – 35) compared to the 49ers FIVE wins, though their last was almost 20 years ago.  Also – the Ravens’ favorite Ray Lewis is set to retire after this game.  Might they want to send him out on top?

Now, I love Super Bowl Sunday.  Like many people, I love the commercials, but I also love the game, so I do prefer to have someone to root for.  This is how I decided:

I was tempted to be swayed by Ray Lewis’ retiring and the Ravens ‘underdog’ status, truly I was, but I didn’t want to go with simply that.  I’m looking for a connection.  I want to mean it when I’m cheering.

I’m from California.  The 49ers are in San Francisco, but that wasn’t enough. (Plus… didn’t that city just win the World Series???)

USDFeatured2For me, it goes back to the Coaches.  Jim Harbaugh vs. John Harbaugh.  For the first time ever, brothers will face off against each other during the Super Bowl.  John has been coaching the Ravens since 2008 and Jim has been at the helm of the 49ers since only 2011.  Before that, Jim Harbaugh was at Stanford University (where I originally wanted to go to college).  And previous to THAT – from 2004 until 2007, he was the head football coach at the University of San Diego – where I DID go to college.

I love USD…. the school, the city, the people in my life from that time. Their football program wasn’t huge when I was there, but I still loved it.

So THIS is my connection.

I will be rooting for the San Francisco 49ers because Jim Harbaugh used to be the head football coach at USD.  He used to lead the men of our small, but beautiful campus. This is a school even my small people love to visit.

A few months ago, I wrote about Fan-cestry – a P&G sponsored site where you can trace your personal connection to your favorite NFL team.  Now, I realize, many of you don’t have YOUR official team in the SuperBowl today, but after the game, you will only have seven months until it all starts back up again…. so take a few minutes and head over to the site to fill it out.  I traced my connection to the St. Louis Rams all the way back to my time growing up in Los Angeles when they were THEN, the LA Rams.

Also?  GO 49ers~!

Who are you rooting for and how did you decide?


  • Tonya

    I’m with you, go Niners!! Also, I heart SFO. :)

  • alefeusch

    Or, you could do something you actually enjoy– like go for a walk or read a book– instead of pretending to root for a team you don’t care about just because society says you are supposed to.

  • Danielle Smith

    Well, clearly – this is for people who are celebrating the Super Bowl in some fashion and quite honestly, I hardly think people watch/cheer/root for a team or attend Super Bowl parties because society dictates it. If you would prefer to read a book or go for a walk – go for it. I love both of those things, but TODAY? I want to watch the game. Thanks for commenting.

  • Danielle Smith

    Me too, my friend :)