How Often Can Your Kids Use Electronics?

Rules. Rules. Rules.

Every family has them.  You know you do.  But if you are anything like me – you are a crazy stickler about some things and completely lax on others.  Bedtime is a big one for me.  Reading every day?  A must do.  I want fruit in their diet every day, but I’m more lenient than their dad when I pack lunches (they don’t like it when I am out of town since he demands fruits and veggies in every lunch).

But there is one area where I don’t have hard and fast rules though I know many families do: Electronics.  I’m talking computers, the Wii, Dsi, even iPods and maybe iPhones (though not in my house)….

Do you have specific rules in plays for how much or how often your small people are allowed to use their electronics? And do you use them for rewards and punishment when they are doing well (or not so well) in school?  Would love to hear your thoughts.  I’m wondering if I need a stronger system in place.

  • Connie Northrop

    My son has used electronic toys since he was able to. I stopped him if it was too much but no hard fast rules. It helped him learn to concentrate on things, he’s ADHD so it was a good thing. He’s 16 now, no bad effects, not overweight and good grades too. It really has to be decided per child.