How Do You Encourage Active Play In the Winter Months?

Now, if you live in Southern California (*sigh* my old home… where my heart resides) or in the South, you likely aren’t experiencing late Fall and the beginning of Winter the way I am in the Midwest. Or the way my friends in the North are right now.  While, it is just now starting to really cool off, meaning we are dipping in to the temperatures that  make my heart hurt – you know – anything south of 50 –  (this week has been 30’s and a bit below), I have to confess, I am a crabby mess until Spring truly rolls around.

Not only are my flip flops relegated to the back of my closet, but we, as a family, are cooped up inside.  And that is never easy when you have small people who LIVE to run, jump and play.

How do you encourage active play in the Winter months?

I would love to hear your suggestions for keeping your small people busy. We are just at the beginning and often head back outside for good until April.