Got Milk, A Better Breakfast and the Latest Ad Reveal at the CMA Awards

I am in my 9th year of motherhood and still the sight of this small face can bring me to my knees.  When I first found out I was pregnant, I used to close my eyes, hold my stomach and pray I would be enough…. that I would somehow manage to muddle my way through this parenting process and raise a healthy, happy child who was proud of who she would grow up to be.

Little did I know that path would be riddled with so many decisions and that things like meal times, reading at bed and our morning conversations over cereal and milk would be some of my favorites.  During her first truly visible ultrasound picture, we could see Delaney sucking her thumb…when she is in need of comfort and often when she sleeps, she will still do it.  It is at that time, I see my little girl.

But when her school pictures come home and I am face-to-face with this beautiful, freckle-faced angel… and I realize this is who sits with me each and every morning starting her day with cereal and milk, I am often transported to a time when she used to look like this… sitting in my lap, drinking that same milk, but from a sippy cup.

People often laugh when I refer to Delaney (and my small dude, Cooper) as ‘small people’, but that is just what they have always been to me – these two little people who I have been dying to get to know.  The older they get, the more they share with me, the more they ask questions, the more they want to know about the world.  They are truly ‘small people’ growing in to ‘bigger people’ and I’m charged with the task of making sure they do it well.

In my mind, that means they know they are loved and protected, that I make sure they are as prepared as possible to face each day mentally and physically and that I’m here to talk to them about the good and challenging they face every day. But I can easily tell you, that our mornings together are some of our best.  My husband gets up at 4:30 every morning to go to the gym – just to make sure he is home in time to be there as they have breakfast before heading off to school.

And knowing that there bellies are full, their minds are strong and their bones are getting what they need to set them up for their day is part of my job – having milk as a part of that process is an easy choice.  And the fact that they love it?  Well – that makes at least that part of my job in the morning a good one.

I’m excited to tell you I have partnered with Got Milk for an exciting new project… I tell you a little about it in the video (oh…. and the small people? They wanted to tell you in their own words why they love milk)

Who do you think will be in the newest Got Milk ad campaign?  Find out tomorrow and learn more about Got Milk and the Better Breakfast Project.… How do you incorporate milk in to your mornings?

I am working with Got Milk on this campaign, though, as always, thoughts and opinions (and those of the small people) are all our own.


  • ClassyMommy

    So fun! Excited to see the new celeb and for you to cover this latest campaign. xoxo

  • Jenny Ingram

    Fun, my friend!!! We are crazy pants milk people. We are lucky… we have our delivered! Yes… we have a milk man and it is the BEST milk!

  • Nicole H. (@MTDLBlog)

    Congrats on the campaign! Have a great time at the CMA’s! And yes, we are big milk fans in my house! My kids drink it like water and so do I. :-) And like Jenny, we have the milk man deliver it. :-)

  • Bobby

    But milk isn’t healthy!!! Please look into indie research to see what milk actually does to your body (different from what the dairy industry leads you to believe) check out to get the truth .

  • Danielle Smith

    Thank you so much, my friend – I’m having so much fun!

  • Danielle Smith

    You have your milk delivered? That is all kinds of awesome!! I love it. We are crazy milk people too :)

  • Danielle Smith

    Ahhh – the delivery again – I’m so jealous! So grateful, my friend – I’m having a tremendous time…. working on my next post and video!

  • Niri

    Love that they are working with you! Love that you are working with them. Great fit and and wonderful partnership!

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