Giving The Gift Of Love For Valentine’s Day – Children’s Memorial Hospital

It is the most simple of gestures, a card.  Given to a small person on Valentine’s Day.  Within its folds: your wishes, your hopes, and your love.

It is something I can easily do here at home – but imagine your children were not tucked safely in their own beds, but were instead fighting for their little lives.  Wouldn’t the extra love given by a Valentine be just the thing they needed?

Imagine the joy, the smiles, the excitement that a card can bring.  Now instead of imagining – watch.

You can’t manufacture that kind of exquisite love.  This program matches children with donors like you and I. Send your Valentine, along with a donation to help these small people who are daily fighting for their lives. Click here to send a Valentine’s Day card to a child.  You can be the one to put that smile on their face.

When you donate…. when you send a Valentine’s Day card to a child, you are joining a long list of heroes at Children’s Memorial Hospital.  It is people like you making donations of all kinds, like the doctors and nurses who care for these kids daily, like the scientists who believe in their ability to save lives…  each and every one of you is making a difference in the life of a child.

Such a small thing for you and I.  A card. Such a big, huge, beautiful gift to a child…the gift of knowing they are not alone.  The gift of love.

Happy Valentine’s Day.



  • Anonymous

    What a fantastic idea!

  • Danielle Smith

    Thank you!  It is beautiful, isn’t it??