For Women: St. Louis Rams Style Lounge on Sunday, November 18th

I am the kind of girl who loves to watch sports.  I know, I know, you often hear me say, ‘I’m about as athletic as I look’….. and it is true.  The small people get their natural athletic ability from the other side of the family…. you know that guy I’m married to who is always out in the yard tossing the football, shooting hoops and pitching?  Right.  That guy.  When I try to play, they correct me or worry that I might get hurt (never mind that they are right).

But this just means I am an EXCELLENT spectator and I always have been.  I wasn’t raised playing soccer every Saturday morning like a lot of kids. I watched a lot of College Football.  And Sundays were reserved for the NFL.  Growing up in Los Angeles, I was a blue and gold kind of girl (well, then it was a touch more yellow), but that same team I cheered for then has moved their way East and settled right here in the Midwest.

So, I have a little something from home right here with me: The Rams.  Then, the LA Rams.  Now, the St. Louis Rams.  You know what else is different?  Women can FINALLY dress in team colors and gear without looking like they just raided their boyfriend’s closet.  And I love it.

Women are FANS and we can still be fashionable while we celebrate our teams. In honor of that very spirit, the St. Louis Rams are hosting a FREE Style Lounge this coming Sunday, November 18th beginning at 10am before the Rams and NY Jets take to the field.  The event will be held in a tent – a fully furnished, shabby-chic tent designed just for the female fans.  Think complimentary drinks and manicures from Salon Jolie and Spa.  Think about the opportunity to be styled in the latest Rams gear (the beautiful stuff that FITS from Nike and Victoria’s Secret Pink Collection and more.)

Also on site, the beautiful Klutch Boutique.  Adding to the fun, there will be a special appearance by Holly Robinson Peete, actress and wife of former NFL player Rodney Peete.

When: Sunday, November, 18th
Where: South of the Edward Jones Dome, Corner of Broadway Street & Convention Plaza
Who: All Women Invited
How Much: FREE!!
Time: 10am until the end of the First Quarter (Game Starts at noon)

Questions?  (Yes, bring money… I suspect you will find some Rams gear you can’t live without – I know I will.) Let me know! I can’t wait to see there!

  • Lakesha Brown

    Sounds fun! I plan to come through as well!