I’m Claiming Her

You know how there are those kids that simply CANNOT deny their parents? They look so much like them that the phrase ‘Mini-Me’ comes flying from your lips even though you KNOW they must have heard it 27 thousand times already?

Well, that doesn’t happen to me.  But, I will confess that I wish it did. People STILL tell me I look like my mom, but I don’t hear it often about my small girl.

My sweet girl, Delaney, isn’t officially named after anyone… In fact, when we were choosing her name, we mulled over all of the potential nicknames (note: new parents… this is important:  If you LOVE the name Katherine, but can’t stand “Katie”, keep that in mind)  We actually figured we would be ok with ‘Laney’ as a shorter version….but she has NEVER been a ‘Laney’ – it just doesn’t fit her.

What she is?  ‘Mini’.  The people closest to me call me ‘D’.  We started to call her ‘Mini D’ right after she was born.  It wasn’t long before even THAT was shortened… to Mini.  And it fits her perfectly.

And still…. I have been longing…DYING even… for SOMEONE to say, “She looks JUST like you”.  *sigh*

But the only people who do are those who knew me when I was a kid…. when my cheeks were still dominant and my freckles still prominent.  My friends from High School and even many from college constantly say they see me in her.  And I beam.  I carry that feeling with me like a Gold Star.


This weekend, I watched a younger version of me…. my sweet small girl, make her First Communion. She was glorious.  And goofy. So delightfully her.  She wore my veil (a family heirloom: the same one my mother and grandmother wore). . She asked to take a picture in the same pose…. though refused to bow her head because she no longer wanted the veil pinned to her hair…

For the first time, I saw me. But I also saw her.  And it was divine.


  • http://www.dailydishrecipes.com/ Nicole

    She’s simply beautiful Danielle. The photos are gorgeous and the veil – stunning. She does look like you. I have a mini, but I also have one that there is no way anyone knows I birthed by looking at him. haha

  • Danielle Smith

    Oh Nicole – thank you so much!  It is so funny – when she was first born, she had a FULL head of DARK brown hair – we couldn’t figure it out.  And  my small dude was born with a full head of blond hair…amazing how they can be so different. :) 

  • Marty Coleman

    Heck if I know if she looks like you physically. BUT she looks very happy, and that looks like you.

  • Danielle Smith

    Marty?  BEST. COMPLIMENT. EVER.  Thank you….  Day. Made.

  • http://franklymydearmojo.com/ Molly Jo

    What an endearing story. Congratulations on her First Communion, that’s a great step! You’re raising them well.

  • http://www.wchingya.com wchingya

    I just LOVE this story! As a parent myself, I can relate. :-) My little girl looks more like her daddy (how lucky of him!). But like Nicole, I think Delaney looks like you too. Both of you are gorgeous. She looks adorable with the veil, both of you are blessed to have one another.

  • http://www.christina-hall.com/ Christina Hall

    I am so happy for you that this moment finally happened for you!

    I’m adopted, and can only remember one or two bittersweet times when anyone ever told me I looked like any of my family members. It always felt ironic and flippant, but more than that it was sad, since it barely ever happened. I always longed for that.

    Having two children of my own, I can just feel the joy beaming out of me when my daughter and I make funny faces together in the mirror. Or to catch my son sitting quietly on his bed with a pile of books. I know where these things come from.

    My mother may not be my blood, but I know she is every bit woven into me as though she were. Still, every time my children and I share these moments, or we’re told how strikingly similar we are, I smile. It finally feels like in some way, I have arrived.

    Thank you for sharing yours and your daughter’s beautiful First Communion photos.