Extraordinary? Not me….

Today has been one of those days.

The kind that starts with your children completely ignoring you…and ends with your children completely ignoring you.

The kind of day where you get so angry, you can feel the blood pounding in your head.  This is also the kind of day where you end up so very sad that you are mad at the two angels you brought into the world. But you just can’t seem to get on track…or, rather, get them on track.

I actually started to cry at one moment after yelling at my daughter.  I was so frustrated that she had refused to listen AGAIN (this time actually walking on the carpet after getting grease from Daddy’s office chair on her foot…yep, I have a permanant reminder of her refusal to listen ground into our office carpet)

As I cried, she patted my head, wrapped her arms around me and said, “it’s ok Mommy”.  How is that for role reversal?

I truly believe Mommys do Extraordinary work raising their children….but today is definitely a day that doesn’t feel like it.

I’ll do better tomorrow.

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