Break Out of Your Summer Grilling Rut: Try Pizza!

I am the ‘chef’ in the family. Think ‘chef’ loosely translated to ‘loves to cook, willing to experiment, is the main food-creator in the family, but isn’t winning awards’. I’m comfortable with this role since, as I mentioned, I do like to cook (and when I cook, my husband and kids always clean up), but sometimes it is nice to pass the duties off – allowing other people in your home to jump into the kitchen.

For nine months of the year my family asks me, ‘what’s for dinner?’. I always have an answer, but that doesn’t guarantee they are going to love what I make or avoid turning mealtime in to a marathon if they aren’t enjoying each dish. But come Summer, I am excited to say, I’m often offered a reprieve as my husband turns to the grill.

This is the ONLY time he loves to cook….when he can barbecue for our entire family – producing some of the meals we love the most. Like you, he has mastered all of the typical grill favorites: hot dogs, hamburgers, steak… and he’s even added a vegetables to his repertoire, but it is more than a little bit fun to branch out – for him as the ‘chef’ and the rest of us as the ones enjoying the meal.

What do I mean by branching out? I mean trying something we don’t frequently put on the grill.

What about pizza?

Beat Summer Grilling Boredom - Jack's Pizza Yes, PIZZA.

I’m excited to be working with Jack’s Pizza to highlight a simple and delicious way to enjoy Summer grilling beyond the basics. Are you bored by the Summer standards? A recent survey conducted by Jack’s pizza says you are looking for a little something different. Take a look: Eight of ten respondents surveyed are fatigued by doing what we ALWAYS do and are looking for more when it comes to their grilling options.

And? Up to 50% of you always have hamburgers on the menu.

Every time. Summer Grilling Boredom - Infographic Now, don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with enjoying the foods we have always loved on the grill, but I have to confess, the taste of grilled pizza is something I know you are going to love.

I was thrilled by how quickly the pizza disappeared (no leftovers around here) and how excited everyone was to do it again.Not to mention, the time it takes to go from frozen to grilled? A magical 12-15 minutes.

It works a little something like this:

You look for the Jack’s pizzas with the ‘Great for Grilling’ packaging in the freezer of your local grocery store.

We chose cheese (for my small people) and pepperoni and sausage for the adults.  (Keep in mind there are more than 20 different varieties including meats and vegetables.)

Beat Summer Grilling Boredom - Jack's Pizza You keep your pizzas frozen until you are ready to go. Summer Grilling with Jack's Pizza You pre-heat your gas grill to 400 degrees.

You place the pizzas DIRECTLY on the grill. Start your timer: check back on them in about 7 minutes – if necessary, spin them on the grill so everything is heating evenly

. Relax  and enjoy as your significant other (in my case – my master-griller-husband) keeps an eye on the melting cheese and grilled crust. Beat Summer Grilling Boredom - Jack's Pizza You will be able to tell by the melted cheese and crispy crust when you are ready to move the pizzas from grill to plate…in our case, it was about 13 minutes. Beat Summer Grilling Boredom - Jack's Pizza Watch your family dive in. Beat Summer Grilling Boredom - Jack's Pizza And hope there is some left for you to enjoy.

I loved that there were so many options to choose from, that the grilling instructions are clearly marked on each pizza and incredibly easy to follow. I loved that it was less than 15 minutes from the time we started grilling until the moment I was able to slice the pizza and offer it to my family.

I LOVED that we were grilling something different from the standard barbecue fare we typically stick to during the Summer months. I loved the ‘grilled’ taste of each pizza – gooey cheese with a crispy crust – and I loved that we finished our meal with no leftovers since everyone in the family kept coming back for ‘just one more piece’.

Have you ever grilled pizza before? You’ll have to let me know what you think when you try it.

And? For 12 weeks this Summer, Jack’s Pizza is giving away a new gas grill every week. To enter, head to their Facebook page, share a picture of a Jack’s Pizza on your grill and definitely cross your fingers. Good luck! (and don’t forget to let me know what your favorite pizza might be AND what you think about adding grilled pizza to your Summer rotation.)

Disclosure: I’m excited to be working with Jack’s Pizza on their Summer Grilling program. As always, all thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone.
  • Jo-Lynne Shane

    I’ve never tried grilled pizza, but it looks yummy!

  • Danielle Smith

    JL – It really was delicious – it disappeared before anything else on the table :)

  • Melissa Chapman

    this summer-thanks to you we will be GRILLING pizza!!

  • Danielle Smith

    Oh Melissa – you will have to tell me what you think! We had so much fun and now my kids are asking for it all the time!

  • Sara

    AWESOME! I need to try this! Grilling is the only cooking my husband does too – so I’m definitely adding this to our dinner rotation!

  • Christine

    Hmmm, I’m a bit leery of the idea of grilling pizza, but we’ll have to try it!!

  • amy mascott

    NEVER even thought to grill pizza! thanks for the idea, my friend!

  • Kristin Swenson

    I’ve always wanted to try grilling pizza!