Do You Celebrate the Small Moments?

When was the last time your family stopped to celebrate? Was it a birthday?  A big-game win? Or do you breathe in the everyday moments… basking in the beauty of all the little ‘firsts’, the triumphs both you and your small people experience?

Do you smile at the close parking spots, the unexpected deal at the checkout, the surprise extended deadline?

Do you stop when your children walk in the door from school, or is your nose pointed at your computer?

I’m here to suggest you stop and find joy in the small. Embrace those first few seconds when they burst through the door ready to share their successes and frustrations, their stories and what they learned.

Today, I was regaled with stories about shark attacks, Susan B. Anthony, polar bears, the periodic table, that girls weren’t allowed to go to school in Ancient Greece, and the birth state of President Barack Obama.  I was asked about the size of the sun, the penalties faced by the kicking team when a field goal is at stake, what would happen if chocolate was a vegetable and whether or not we could ever trade Daddy for a baby sister. (Delaney was joking on that last one.  I think :) )

But you know what elicited the biggest cheers?

Shoe tying.

It is something I have been doing for more than 30 years.  But the small dude finally figured it out tonight – after weeks and weeks of putting it off, after multiple attempts and near-tears moments, tonight was the night.

We laughed.  We high-fived.  He danced.

We celebrated.

(For the record – go with making two bunny ears – that was the trick that tipped Coop’s shoe-tying success)

Take the time.  It is worth it. I promise.

What was the last thing that made your family belly-laugh, jump for joy or tackle each other with joy?

  • Kim Foster

    I love the philosophy of celebrating the small, everyday things. It’s easy to get caught up in the big occasions only, and that’s too bad! In our family we also create our own holidays, separate from the big events of birthdays and Christmas. We do International Night every Friday (choose a country, and learn about it, eat food from there, watch a movie set in that country)–it’s so fun (and educational too, I like to think). This weekend we just had Secret Agent Saturday (in honor of the new James Bond release!)…my husband created a whole secret agent scavenger hunt that we did around town…clues in the library, the local coffee shop, the hardware store. Ridiculously fun.

  • jaythornton000

    Bunny ears trumped the standard route at our house too. why do moms know more than dads?

  • Jen Singer

    Yes! The small things — and not just the kids — are worth celebrating. For me yesterday, it was actually a big thing: a sunset.
    Thanks for writing this!

  • Danielle Smith

    Kim – I love everything about this! International night? I am absolutely going to steal that. Your small people are so lucky to have you. Thank you so very much.

  • Danielle Smith

    Ha! We don’t. It is definitely a team game :) Delaney didn’t like the bunny ears route, but Coop did.

  • Danielle Smith

    Jen – you are so very right. The sunset is gorgeous…. and such a moment after the day, the weeks you’ve had. I’ve stood on the sidelines of games just like that. High-fives to the boys for trying so hard.

  • Kim Foster

    Steal away! It’s fun for everyone and surprisingly easy to pull together (a MUST for me).