Country Superstars Little Big Town Join the Fight to End Child Hunger

I don’t think the numbers will ever stop being a shock to me.

One in Five.

I don’t think it will ever NOT hurt my heart to know there are millions of children right here in the United States who are hungry.

Nearly 17 million.

Unless of course, that number changes.

But it will only change if you and I do something.

I know that is asking a lot.  You likely have small people to feed.  And the holidays are coming.

And I bet you have charities that are close to your heart.

And, of course there is Sandy. Such a tragedy that I can even refer to her without including the ‘Hurricane’ and you still know what I’m talking about. So many of us have given to Sandy – and so many of our local food banks have chipped in, that the holidays will likely be tighter than normal.

But I still think it is important for you to KNOW child hunger is a problem. Even if you can’t help right now, you can tell someone else who can. Spreading the word? That helps.  Because this is important to me, because I think about how lucky we are every time I pack my children’s lunch for school or make them a meal, I’ve partnered, once again with Con Agra Foods and Child Hunger Ends Here.

I spent a few days this week in Nashville, visiting the Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee and talking with Child Hunger Ends Here’s latest advocates, country superstars (and now two-time CMA winners) Little Big Town. This group is involved, because, like me, they ache at the thought of children waking up, trying to learn, or going to bed hungry.

Together we packed backpacks for the Food Bank’s backpack program. There are 8500 kids in the program. Eight-thousand-five-hundred kids in a 46-country area.  And after the first of the year, that number will increase by 15% because the Food Bank has received a grant from WalMart.

Think about that: 8500 kids already and there are MORE in need.

How can you help if you are so inclined:

* Donate food to your local food bank – proteins and shelf stable foods are always in need.

* Donate money. According to Feeding America $1 is equivalent to 8 meals. THINK ABOUT THAT. If we gave the change in our cars each week, we’d provide at least 8 meals.

* Volunteer – Your local Food Banks can always use help….some will allow you to bring your kids at certain times.  Just call and ask. If you are looking for other ways to teach your children to give back, start here.

* Talk about it – It may sound too easy, but educating people about this problem…telling them there are simple ways to help – it all makes a difference.

I was delighted to interview Little Big Town about their involvement in this campaign.  I’m excited to share it with you soon.

 As I have in the past, I have partnered with Con Agra Foods and Child Hunger Ends Here, though all thoughts and opinions shared here are my own.
Photo Courtesy: AP


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  • niri

    Don’t you love when people use their influence for good?

  • Danielle Smith

    Oh my friend – You KNOW I do. It makes me truly giddy.