Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With The Dish

My first ‘official’ date with my husband was on Cinco de Mayo.  So in my mind…. it is a HOLIDAY.  And we like to celebrate around here. I will confess to being partial to Margaritas, but the truth is, I ADORE Mexican food and miss many of the authentic options I had when I was living in California and Arizona.

This means – Find the amazing recipes and COOK IT FOR YOURSELF, DANIELLE.  I know, I know…

Well, certainly, there are dozens…. who am I kidding…….??  Hundreds of options online filled with recipes claiming authenticity, but I prefer to stick with sites I know and trust.  Makes sense, right?  Right.

I have mentioned The Dish before, but I’m not sure if you realize,  Con Agra’s newest site – in addition to offering shopping tips, First Look, First Taste options of certain products, and many recipes, also makes it their mission to suggest specific seasonal options.

So, naturally, I was excited to see, not ONE, but TWO different posts dedicated to Cinco de Mayo… And, even better, the posts covered more than just food and drinks.  They also touched on items that would complete an Cinco de Mayo celebration you were planning to have: decor, music and even dancing!

This gives me an idea – I should force my husband to go Salsa Dancing with me!!

Of course…. feel free to check back for summer treats (there will be many!)  Also – some of the posts are offered in English and Spanish.

Disclosure: I have worked closely with Con Agra on the launch of The Dish and have been compensated for my time.

  • bywordofmouth

    We actually started homeschooling a few years back on Cinco de Mayo – my girls will never forget, hitting the library for books on it, and walking over to the local mexican for lunch – while everyone else was at school 😉  and the teacher, yes, me, totally had a sangria!